Thursday, October 1, 2009

third chakra (lumber center, solar plexus center)

The third chakra is located at the solar plexus (below the breastbone, behind the stomach). The color associated is yellow and the antidote is violet. The tone is a-o-m (ahh-ooo-mmm) and the note is e. The element is fire and sense is sight. The statement is "I want happiness." The third chakra is the center of personal power. When it is open, you have found your own unique gift, the work that gives you pleasure and makes you feel fulfilled. One way to find your gift is to consider what you most enjoyed doing when you were a child, as this gives clues about your natural inclinations. Your gift will reflect your natural skills and aptitudes, but it will also respond to training and schooling. This is also the center of intelligence. Yellow is the color of happiness for we see the sun as yellow and associate warmth and an inner glow, radiation. This is the source of relaxation, deep relaxation, because you relax when you feel accepted. When you know that nothing is expected of you, you can just relax and be yourself. The place at the center of the body is the solar plexus and just as the sun radiates acceptance, warmth and relaxation from the center of the universe, you can also radiate this from the center of your being. Yellow goes straight to the soul. It is the common man, common as the daisy and the dandelion. The soul is accessible to everyone, it is ordinary. It is the center of our strength; it is our link with the great sun, a source of heat and energy, nourishing like the sunlight. This chakra is ruled by the conscious mind and only active while awake. This chakra rules both digestion and the mind, and it is too difficult to think when we are too hungry or too full, but fasting can calm the mind. The solar plexus is the center of breath as the diaphragm is located in this area. Balanced energy in the third chakra characteristics are outgoing, cheerful, have self-respect, respect others, strong sense of personal power, found your gift, skillful, intelligent, relaxed, spontaneous, expressive, take on new challenges, enjoy physical activities, enjoy good food, can show emotional warmth. Excessive energy is being judgmental, workaholic, perfectionistic, overly intellectual, very demanding as an employer and resent authority as an employee, superiority complex, demanding, constantly testing your partner. Deficient energy is being depressed, lacks confidence, worry about what others will think, confused, feel that others control your life, poor digestion, afraid of being alone, insecure, need constant reassurance, jealous and distrustful. The glands and organs influenced are the diaphragm (and the breath), adrenals, skin and digestive organs - stomach, duodenum, pancreas, gall bladder, liver. Illnesses and ailments to be treated with yellow are digestive difficulties, gas, food allergies, liver problems, diabetes, hypoglycemia, over-sexed, hypothyroid, gallstones, muscle cramps, spasms, mental and nervous exhaustion, depression, difficulty breathing. The citrine is a yellow to amber crystal resembling topaz and will help get in touch with your personal power and express your unique gift. It will help you relax, feel good about yourself and exude warmth and approval toward yourself and others. Citrine will aid your digestion by relaxing the organs that produce digestive juices. It will free up your breathing by relaxing your diaphragm. You can also use citrine to charge masssage oil as it will give the oil energy that will benefit the skin and increase circulation. Citrine is excellent for mental activities, when you have difficulty concentrating or feel overwhelmed by worry and responsibilities. This helps people get in touch with their own power and feel balanced and steady. It is a powerful stone for people who are trying to break a drug habit since it helps them feel better about themselves and strengthens this chakra. Turquoise stone opens up the heavens to the one who uses it with conscious awareness. It blends the color of the heavens with the color of water and is a stone of peace, harmony and beauty, in perfect attunement with Spirit. It is good for those who are afraid of power and will deepen your work and make it last longer. Wear turquoise for digestive problems and it will increase vibratory and healing powers and give greater wisdom. Malachite is a rich green stone with dark green lines that form concentric patterns. Its essence of malachite is joy and its name means emotional purger. This stone has the power to dredge up buried emotional pain and when that pain is expressed, you can release the heavy weight of grief and this leads to joy. The energy of joy is a whirling energy and spins happily in a clockwise direction in a healthy person. Malachite holds the rich vibrations of the earth in its two shades of green allowing the earth to love and comfort you while drawing upon her strength, allowing you to face problems so you can release old pain. This stone can draw out physical pain, nausea and motion sickness. After using this stone, cleanse it and place it on a clear quartz crystal cluster to recharge it. I am going to sing the You are my sunshine song and enjoy a sunny day. Won't you join me? Be sunny and be happy xo