Tuesday, October 6, 2009

seeing auras

Some people have the gift of literally seeing auras, the colors that surround a person and others find they can close their eyes and feel another person's aura and see colors with their inner vision. Caroline Myss, of Chicago, is an excellent example of an intuitive aura reader. Her book Anatomy of the Spirit is very insightful. Auras can be used as a form of diagnosis, since the colors that are absent from the aura indicate which colors that person requires and which chakras need energy. You can also see areas of black or brown in the aura, indicating unresolved physical or emotional traumas. The majority of people can feel and most can see colors with their inner vision. The more you practice, the easier it gets to see auras. Just stand in front of a mirror with a white background behind you, or practice facing a white wall. Just keep looking at a section slightly above your head, or the person you are facing. It will be as if you are not looking, just hold your attention at the spot and gradually you will see the ethereal energy around you or the other person. It may even vibrate. Everyday close your eyes and visualize an object with each different color of the spectrum; for instance, picture a red balloon and as you let it go, envision it slowly lifting into the sky. This will train you to see the colors and almost feel them. Another exercise to practice with another person is to stand facing your partner, about two feet away. Briskly rub your hands together, occasionally blowing on them. Close your eyes and hold your hands with palms facing each other, about eight inches apart. Feel the energy radiating between your hands. Play with this energy; form it into a ball; feel it grow and expand. Set it down. Turn your palms toward your partner, not opening your eyes and direct the energy from your hands to your partner. Feel the energy coming from your partner's hands and meet it with your own hands. As you do this, you will probably find your hands will touch your partner's hands. Draw back your hands and extend your fingertips. Direct your energy through your fingertips toward your partner and feel the energy coming from your partner's fingertips. Meet it with your own and again you will probably touch your partner's fingertips. Now your partner drops his hands altogether. Have your eyes open and bring your hands above the top of your partner's head and attempt to feel and see the energy. Gradually work down along both sides of the head, neck, shoulders, arms, pelvis, legs and feet, observing the energy, heat, and color that your perceive. Repeat the process, describing what you perceive as you move through the auras. Notice the shadow of light surrounding a full moon - that is the ethereal aura of the moon. Every living being has an aura. We just need to really look and see. The Greek word for truth, aletha, means "not hidden." xo