Monday, October 19, 2009


Napping is one of the most delightful past times. It refreshes and invigorates and offers respite when our body and mind tells us we need a break in order to get us through a particular day. My dad is a huge advocate of naps - heck - he is the king of naps and is not to be disturbed between 11 and 2 for that matter. He once quoted the American Medical Association Journal in that they have discovered the secret to the fountain of youth - to take a nap. There are significant benefits to those who are able to indulge in a little rest, whether for a quicky cat-nap of about 20 minutes, a refreshing hour-long nap, or even a full-sleep cycle nap of 2.5 hours. Whatever your body requires will positively work. Guaranteed. Sometimes I feel disoriented and think it is the next day and actually feel more tired, but then after awhile I am rejuvenated and feel wonderful (similar to receiving a massage.) I remember taking forced naps as a youngster so my parents could have a break from all of us and again after school as a teenager for a short while. I could never take a nap after that - until a few years ago. When my boys were babies and took their naps I tried in vain to do the same. Just recently have I discovered the joys of napping. Usually Saturday is perfect, or during the week when the weather is particularly dreary, or around this time when the seasons change, the need for a nap seems more necessary than usual. In some countries, siestas are mandatory. Our bodies are wired to rest around 3pm each day which is why we crave a sugar pick me up at this time. Back in olden times, people woke up at the crack of dawn, did the chores all day and finished about 3 before sunset. We are not meant to have 9 to 5 workdays, at least not bio-rhythmically. Evolution dictates we rest during the midday which is why naps are so inviting. Animals nap all the time. The secret is to listen to our bodies. Take a load off and rest your weary bones xo