Monday, October 12, 2009

run baby run

Congratulations to all runners of the Chicago marathon yesterday. It takes dedication and determination to participate in this event. One of my outreach projects in massage therapy was participating in the marathon and give tune up massages to runners prior to and after the event. I was fortunate to work with the founder, Bob King on the pre-event and to work on the 3rd place runner from Australia afterwards. This was very enlightening in that people would come in with bloody nipples and urine all over and some had hypothermia. For what? I respect individuals have personal best incentives and I tried running for awhile and quite honestly, I hate it. My knees hurt, my boobs ache and as a therapist, I see the unnecessary damage to knees when runners insist on abusing their bodies. I get the endorphins that are released during a run, but there are alternatives. I firmly believe everything should be done in moderation and cross training (a form of balance.) In the 80s I fervently did the Jazzercise thing. I was busy having babies and my enlarged body needed workouts desperately. This was my only time to myself and I relished each hour. I loved the music but detested the single, single, double, double. In the 90s we joined Willowbrook Health Club and I was in heaven. Our dates consisted of Tuesday and Thursday night workouts since Wayne's mom watched my kids while I worked 2 days a week. The workout consisted of Karen Peterik (Jim's better half) teaching body sculpting with the best music ever, following Greg Gale's dance class (this is how we formed the Stormdance Troupe.) What a line up. It covered everything. To top it off, we all bonded in the cafe after classes eating popcorn and shooting the breeze. The millennium brought about ATA taekwondo with all my boys. We all became black belts within 3 years and this was a beautiful avenue to work on our body, mind and spirit through strength and endurance together. We attended class, tournaments, travelled to Arkansas for the World Tournament and sparred with each other. My favorite part was breaking boards with the guys. I realized how strong I was since I kept up with their double boards and kicked ass. Yes I did. Actually, since I attended morning classes and night classes, I was the last one to sign up and the first one to achieve black belt status. I loved it so much. It focused on positivity and confidence and this is right up my alley. I bought and did work outs at home to the taebo tapes but after starting my business I had to preserve my hands to give massage so I stopped practicing this art and went to various morning classes at the Lifetime Fitness health club. I am not one for the machines as I prefer free weights and perhaps the bike. I have discovered yoga the last few years and this is perfect for being in the 50s. We had a a great teaching instructor, Brent at the club and my sister Karen teaches in LaGrange. Wayne and I attended her class for quite awhile, until care giving impeded all free time. I work out at home on my own for now and will see where I go next. I refuse to practice Tai Chi until I am 60, even though it is quite awesome. Menopause is terrible for staying in shape as the force is not with you, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. xo