Friday, December 10, 2010

prayers for healing

We are returning, as a collective awareness, to the understanding that the body is not separate from the mind.  As we relinquish our primitive perspective and appreciate again the influence of the soul, we embrace a different attitude toward our body.  The body is a reflection of thought.  God's thought is our salvation in all things.  His thought about the body is that it is here for one function: to experience love and to extend love, to help communicate to the children of God that true life is beyond the body. The body is a holy lesson in communion and should be seen and treated as a sacred trust.  Thoughts of aggression, unforgiveness, conflict and fear, tear down the body because they tear down the soul.  Healed thoughts produce healing, in body as well as mind.

Gratitude for the Body

Dear God,

As I rise up, I thank You for the opportunity to be on this earth. 
I thank You for my mind and body.
I thank you for my life.
Please bless my body and use it for Your purposes.
May I rise up strong today, and may my body and soul radiate Your love.
May all impurities be cast out of my mind, my heart, my body.
May every cell of my being be filled with Your light.
May my body and mind both be illumined for Your sake and for the sake of the world.  Amen.

Prayers for Healing

Dear God,

My body is sick and I am so scared, so weak, so sad.
Please heal me, Lord.
Whatever the words I am supposed to say, whatever the thoughts that would set me free, I am willing to have them shine into my mind. 
For I wish to be released.
Please give me a miracle.
Please give me hope.
Please give me peace.
Lift me up beyond the regions of my pain and despair.
Prepare each cell to be born anew into health and happiness, peace and love.
For You are the power, not this sickness.
You are the truth, not this illusion.
You are my salvation, not the doctor.
I am willing to rise, to let go all false thinking, to release this false condition.
For this is not freedom, and I wish to be free.
This is not peaceful, and I desire peace.
This is not your will for me, that I would suffer or feel pain.
I accept Your will for me.
I accept Your healing.
I accept Your love.
Please, dear God, help me.
Take me home.  Amen.

Endless Healing

Dear God,

Please awaken me from this dream.
I fear and I choose not to.
I suffer and I choose not to.
I claim for myself Your resurrection within me, my perfect health, my perfect healing, my perfect Self in whom there is no pain or fear.
Every cell of my being is radiant with my love for You.
May my earthly self align with this.
May I remember, dear God, that I live in Your mind and I belong in Your arms.
For there I am healed, and there I am whole.
You are my divine physician.
You know my terror, although it is not real.
You understand my pain, although it is not understandable.
You answer with Your spirit.
Dear Lord, please heal me.
I surrender this as I surrender all things.
I trust in You in this and all things.
I need You, Lord, in this and all things.
Please, dear God.  Amen.

Helpful prayers for loved ones. Thanks Marianne Williamson, for your continued illumination. xo