Monday, December 27, 2010

happy birthday margarita

Today we celebrate your 28th birthday!  It has been a year and a half since you entered our lives and brought us much joy.  Mike is head over heels for you and we share his enthusiasm.  Your suave demeanor brings calm to his rough edges.  You know just how to bring out the best in Mike.  Working together bonds you even closer than most couples, for you can talk the talk after a day at the office and encourage each other to further your careers. 

We love listening to your expressions and recall the night you sat in front of the fireplace and shared your thoughts with us.  You attended Northwestern University at night while working during day, no easy feat.  Our shared love of gardening adds to our bond. You have a good eye for decorating in the European style which makes your home cozy and lovely to visit -  and your potato and chicken dish is divine.  I still think about it.

Steve fell in love with you the moment he met you and lovingly refers to you as Fifa.  He named his beloved betta fish after you.  Your chic style and knowledge of all things vogue blows me away and I enjoy learning about that part of the world.  This is one of my favorite photos of you for it depicts your modeling experience and shows the world how beautiful you are - inside and out.  I cherish the time when we shopped for your wedding dress and enjoy the times you come over and get excited about details for your wedding.  Mike was beside himself when he went to purchase your engagement ring.  He was nervous you might not accept his proposal but I knew you would.  The love you share is undeniable and Wayne and I get a kick when you're together and exchange endearments.   

Our joy is insurmountable with the blessing of your baby in a few months.  This is the greatest gift a parent could receive.   I look forward to sharing your pregnancy journey and the arrival of your bundle of joy.  This child will have the best of you and Mike and will surely conquer this world.  I envision Ozis hovering and protecting the little one.  No one will get passed him without his approval; he'll burn circles around them!  I am trying to learn the language of your homeland.   You and your family have made huge strides in the decade since you came here.  Sometimes I think we take our beautiful country for granted when I listen to your passion as you explore what it has to offer and I regain my appreciation. We anticipate memories to come and I thank God everyday for bringing us a daughter to love. 

My wish is for you to be mindful of these profound moments that will take your breath away.

Smagiai ir buti laimingi - laimingiausia gim tadiemio Jums, Margarita - mes tave myliu.   xo