Sunday, December 19, 2010

kiss cookies

peanut butter kiss cookies

Last weekend Steve and I went up to Delavan to spend the day with our friends, Janet and Sarah.  We decided to have a cookie share and bake our favorite recipes together and exchange.  I made my kolackys because they never fail to delight the palate and I have decades of practice so I knew they would turn out.  Janet made the PB cookie.  They are easy to prepare and I learned a few tips on baking that day.  Thanks, my friend.

For one batch, ingredients are:

1 1/2 cups sugar
2 cups peanut butter
2 eggs
1 bag hershey kisses

Blend sugar, eggs and peanut butter.  Scoop and roll little balls in a light dusting of sugar.  Place on baking tray leaving room to spread while baking.  Only bake one sheet at a time to avoid burning them.  We put two in the oven and they were burnt, but I took them home anyway and shared them with my brother Bo who likes burnt food, just as I do.  We're weird.  Anyway...Janet says you can put parchment paper on a baking pan to avoid burning anything; good to know.  Bake for 15 minutes at 350 degrees.  Remove from oven and tenderly place a hershey kiss in the middle.  If you use too much pressure the cookie will crack and fall apart.  Gentle is key; like a little smooch.  You can keep them on the counter but it takes over two hours to meld together; or do what Janet does, and place the tray of cookies in the freezer for 15 minutes.  When you remove them, they are finished and ready to be devoured. 

sweet sarah
I'm sharing a pic of Sarah - all growed up...She plans to pursue a career as a veterinarian.  Having cared for all sorts of animals her whole life, she'll do just fine.

christmas pickle
My Aunt Diane shared this on her blog so I was inspired to begin our own tradition for our family. Most places were sold out, but good old faithful Macy's (still Marshall Field's to us) had two left - one for each of our trees.  Perfect.
 In Old World Germany, the last decoration placed on the Christmas tree was always a pickle...carefully hidden deep in the boughs.  Legend has it that the observant child who found it on Christmas Day was blessed with a year of good fortune...and a special gift.  Now we will begin the fun of this tradition and practice for our future wee one.

Please continue to pray for many of our friends and family undergoing medical issues this month.  The power of prayer is miraculous.  Perhaps our pickles will bring good tidings to them. 

now I have a taste for pickles xo