Sunday, December 12, 2010

ice list

In Case of Emergency

Today seems like a good day to update my ICE list.  As the planet Mercury continues its tirade of glitches in the universe, I find it helpful to have a little peace of mind knowing emergency contacts are in place.  I am no stranger to situations where someone needed to reach a repairman in a pinch, hence I placed a list in bold letters with names and phone numbers of heat/air conditioning, gas, electric and COMCAST.  chuckles.  Keep a note with the date you replaced the sump pump to know when you need to replace it - they usually last two or three years.  A battery backup is extremely helpful if you are prone to floods.  Keep a wetvac nearby. We have another list of the doctor and family members to contact immediately. Keep these two lists separate but near each other so as not to bombard too much information on one sheet.  The simpler, the better.   Many times these occurrences happen when I am in a panic and don't think too clearly.  Everyone in the house knows where to look for this list, as well as other items for the dreaded situations. 

Most of us carry a cell phone everywhere and it is useful to place a couple of numbers under an ICE contact so if anyone finds you, they can search your phone and proceed to assist you.  I hope this never occurs, but preparation is integral.  Just type a name and save it as ICE.  This is becoming  universal.  I let all those who live with us know that there is a signed check in a certain spot if they need immediate cash, say, if they have to bail me out of jail.   :{

 Certain supplies should be handy in the house or car but I find those who dwell here MUST BE AWARE of where they are located.  I try to keep a functional flashlight on every level so anyone can find it.  I'm still working on making sure they put it back when they use it, but I won't mention anyone's name, Wayne-O.  Bandaids, peroxide, antibiotic, vasoline and duct tape should always be at the ready - might as well throw in scotch and electric tape.  Everyone in the house should know how to turn off the water and gas.  Speaking of water, try to keep a case of bottled handy and keep it in a cool place.  We place it in the garage so all can see.  We used to keep the beer out there, but for some reason, it seemed to vanish too quickly.  Hmmm...

Dr. Oz had a show last year about an amazing little tool everyone should have in their cars.   It can cut through a stuck seat belt or break the glass so it shatters outside, not inside, and costs about $20.  We provide AAA cards to all our family members for roadside emergencies and they have helped us too many times to mention.  Keep the card with your insurance card so it is always easy to find.  Be aware the tollways provide free roadside assistance through IDOT so if you get a flat tire at 8:00 in the morning and are still wearing your pajamas, trust me, they will not judge.  Just pull over and sit and wait. 

We are getting pounded today by a winter snowstorm.  Even if you are lucky enough to have a snowblower, it is important to have a good shovel at the ready.  I still don't know how to work the mighty bull, therefore, I depend on a shovel.  We take our equipment to a reliable and reasonable place called ESA in Westmont to make sure they are in working condition before and after each season. Keep a bag of salt handy to prevent slips when ice covers the walkways. 
Preventive maintenance is the key to safety.  Try to stay indoors on days like today, but if you have to go out, at least you have peace of mind that you are prepared In Case of Emergency.  xo