Wednesday, December 15, 2010

boy or girl?

In a matter of months, our family will celebrate the birth of a baby.   Mike and Margarita are due to bring joy to our world on or around June 30.  We knew about this happiness on November 10 when we all went to dinner and they gave us the moment that took our breath away, but waited until the coast was clear with doctors to share the good news.  I keep pinching myself to see if this blessing is really being bestowed upon us.   We continued to trust in the Lord and keep the faith that the universe always provides balance.  Our perseverence has paid off in ways I cannot even begin to put into words. 

My Dad has a mantra from Socrates: procreation is the secret to immortality.  He will be the Great Grandpa.  He has been singing "let the sun shine in" for quite sometime - perhaps the universe listened and is granting him the light he is seeking. The baby will know the honor of having Great - Great Aunts and Uncles as well.  I look forward to witnessing Mike as a father and Dan and Steve as uncles.  Look out world! This child symbolizes hope for new beginnings after so many endings and will be a true testament of God's love. We will experience a new life and the cycle will continue forward; each generation carries all the love (and genes) into the next. 

This is the season where children create magic with their unconditional wonder and awe.  Christmas is for kids and should be a time where we rekindle the child in each of us, no matter our age.  The season is very vibrant through the eyes of a child.  Recently we witnessed the cute moment in the classic Christmas movie It's a Wonderful Life, where Mary shares the news with George, and he says "Is it a boy or a girl?"  Her response "Yes!"   Even as we felt a suppression of the magic in recent years, with a newborn on the way, the dying embers will once again burst into flames of felicity.

I hoped one day to become a Grandma,  but now it seems surreal, and I can't believe we should be blessed so soon.  I'll take it as it comes and look forward to the delivery from the white stork, as Margarita puts it. My gratitude holds no bounds.  John Lennon was right on when he shared that life happens when you're making other plans.  The future seems so much brighter with the anticipation of a baby, but for today,  I share our joy with my wish that a flicker of hope will find its way into your heart as it has in ours.  xo

the love you take
is equal to
the love you make

the beatles

let the sunshine in...