Sunday, December 26, 2010

loungin' around

my slugs

'Tis the day after Christmas.  What a journey this month has been.  We celebrated birthdays, prepared for the holidays, withstood illnesses, baked up a storm and made a ton of memories.  We got socked with lots of snow which made for a very White Christmas.  I took time to watch every one of my holiday classics, listened to all my holiday tunes and nothing else.  Today I take a breath, exhale and do nothing. 
my holiday fart catchers

We plan to lounge around in our fart catchers and watch the Bears and Love Actually.  I achieved my goal to not get stressed, enjoy the moments of the season and conquer my baking challenge.  The only problem is wondering who will eat it all?  Baking is an art and truly enjoyable when you look at it from an artistic angle.  I admire those who have a knack for creating various desserts and now I know why they do it. 
sweet table

Our sweet table is filled with goodies baked by friends, family and me.  Someone save us from the sugar highs.  Today I made meatball sandwiches with provolone cheese for some balance.  I really don't have a sweet tooth and hope our visitors will indulge in all these treats.
Christmas Eve

We had a good time with Wayne's side of the family on Christmas Eve.  His cousin kept us going with all his travel adventures, then he started reminiscing about our youth and the hilarious party days.  We were screaming when he triggered so many moments we forgot and people from our past. There was no shortage of laughter once Bonyok began jogging our memories. Once you remember one incident, ten more pop in mind and the domino effect comes crashing in. 
Christmas Day

Our holiday celebrations are evolving and morphing into new avenues.  Now that our family is growing with future in-laws, we are creating a new journey together.  We spent the afternoon at Margarita's folks in Naperville for some delicious Lithuanian cuisine and bonding with them.  Next year promises to be even more unique for we will have a wee one to entertain us with its wonder of Christmas.  Upon reflection of this year, it has been one of the best in a long time.  I am blessed with the hope and happiness we all shared. 
my goodies

I am very grateful for all the presents bestowed on me personally.  My greatest gift is knowing our boys have someone special to love them.  We still get a kick out of their expressions when they open their gifts - their childlike awe warms my heart.  I will heartily enjoy my pretty blue yoga mat, which I am determined to use faithfully.  I have a fun book to read, a very cool cleaning tool, a boogie board to leave notes for Steve instead of the tiny little notepads, beautiful candles and creative crafts, and look forward to some romantic down time with my better half.  We plan to dine at La Dolce Vita, our favorite restaurant, thanks to our gift certificate; bask in a luxurious night at Champagne Lodge and model some of my gifts in the pink box.  Every woman loves whatever comes in those boxes.  We are so looking forward to our little get-a-way in a few days.  Thanks to all for your thoughtfulness. 

I fervently hope your weekend was filled with joy and that memories were made to cherish forever.  I thank all my facebook friends and family for sharing their special time online, as I feel we were all together on some level via your photos and comments.  Thanks everyone.  May your day be bright...and Go Bears! xo