Sunday, December 5, 2010


I wrapped a few presents so the tree doesn't look so naked underneath.  Wayne needs to display the train set today. Gentle nudge here. 

Mike and Margarita invited us for an impromtu gathering last night - and to see their tree all decorated.  My Mom made the tree skirt.  It was fun to get together and chat about everything at their place for a change of scenery.

Mike decorated his deck with pretty red lights which are adorable when driving on Plainfield.  Nice touch, my son. 

They recently remodeled one of their bathrooms and it is so quaint.  They have a knack for decorating.

Ozis was so happy to have visitors and he loves his Mama Too (that's me).   I'm glad I followed my intuition and prepared things early this year.  I had a feeling my time would be needed for other things and I was right on.  Bonding brings me joy during the holidays for it keeps me focused on the true spirit.  I won't be hustling and bustling but rather making memories with the ones I love.  Now that the snow has subsided, today I hope to finish my Christmas shopping with Darcy and hit the Oakbrook mall for some scent purchasing.  The stars dictate I complete this by today, so I take heed!

My oven is back in working order so next weekend will be spent baking kolackys.  We hope to visit our friends up North for a baking exchange day.  Please keep some of our family members in your prayers.  As joyful as the holidays can be, this is also a trying time for others.  Keep the faith.  Have fun and be happy. xo