Thursday, December 23, 2010

keep the faith

lottery scratch off ticket

This has been a horrendous month for many people that I know and love.   Despite  being forewarned that Mercury being retrograde would bring its wrath, I am still having trouble grasping all the glitches taking place - from medical issues to natural disasters to appliances and cars breaking down to roofs leaking and mudslides and snowstorms paralyzing Europe and our beloved Chicago firefighters losing the battle.  Whoa.  One morning I brought Big Daddy to get all the results from his numerous tests and we arrived early, so he pulls out a scratch off ticket for the lottery and we alternated scratching the chance for a winner.  Lo and behold we were one number away from winning $15,000!  We needed 21 and got 20.  The moment we shared that morning is tucked away in my heartfelt memory bank and I will cherish it forever.  We still have one more week to endure the universal tides, but we must keep the faith, for it will be over soon.  This tidal wave of bad news has caused many of us to find ways to cope.  Mine is to conquer my fear of baking, so I did. 
my candy cane cake

In early December I shared a recipe for this cake.  With all the intense pressure going on around me, I collected the ingredients and baking tools throughout the month, mentally preparing to challenge myself to create this dessert for our Christmas Eve celebration.  I already made tons of kolackies, kiss cookies and birthday cakes, but this was the masterpiece to conquer.  I set aside a quiet day when I knew I had no errands to run and began the task uninterrupted.  I listened to my new audiobible, Truth and Life - New Testament and got through three of the 18 cds which provided a comforting serenity while I went through the process.  Thanks, Slidog.  My fear of baking is conquered and the cake is complete.  Stevie put the final candy cane touches to seal the sweet delight. Dunkin' Donuts has a sale on their coffee - four bags for $20 so I added a little peppermint crushings to my morning coffee for an uplifting treat.  This is my testament that perseverence, confidence and encouragement from my cousin Deena and Aunts Diane and Aletha can make it happen.  Thanks y'all. :) 

Steve and his buddies

I am watching the rest of my family members scrambling to wrap and deliver their Christmas gifts.  Steve made his own cards, bought and wrapped his presents and delivered them in a cute Santa hat.  This warmed my heart.  Darcy wrapped her gifts so creatively and Dan woke me up at midnight to ask me to wrap his gift for Darcy.  I groggily looked at the package and determined it is a box of Fannie Mae candy in a plastic bag.  When I woke up I realized it is not and she will love it.  Good job, my son!
We are celebrating Christmas Eve at our home with Wayne's brother, cousin and his family.  Christmas Day we are invited to spend time with Margarita's family so I will make another cake for her birthday, deviating on the one I made yesterday.  We are due for some more treacherous weather so whatever you have to do, please take your time and be careful.  I notice people are cheerier wherever I go.  I look at them eye-to-eye and they all smile and we share happy tidings for the holiday.  Try it.  Enjoy the moments that take your breath away.  Be safe, have fun and be happy.  Christ, our Lord, will be here soon.  xo

Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit.  She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus because he will save his people from their sins.  Matthew