Wednesday, June 30, 2010


We just experienced a lunar eclipse on June 26.  This has the effect of all the energies of three full moons.  I follow Susan Miller of Astrology Zone for astrological enrichment and she shared an informative piece on how eclipses affect us.  (She predicted the stocks would be volatile from this date through August.) I thought it appropriate to provide these tips in light of the fact that the movie Eclipse is being released for our entertainment.  Steve and I have a date at the cinema this afternoon to get engrossed in the Bella/Edward/Jacob fantasy.  Just watching the trailers give me thrills.  I look forward to seeing Ron Howard's daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard,  perform as the villian, Victoria. 
Eclipses are the most dramatic tools that the universe uses to create change.  They are fascinating because they always bring an unexpected twist.  We have solar and lunar eclipses, but today I will focus on the lunar since we just had one.  A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth stands between the moon and the Sun, cutting off the light of the Sun from the moon.  A lunar eclipse is always a full moon and usually marks endings or culmination points.  They bring up memories, dreams and emotions and center more on the prominent women in your life.  Eclipses come in pairs, always as a new moon and a full moon two weeks apart and come up every five and a half months. An eclipse is like a new or full moon on steroids! The events pack much more punch and bring on events that seem fated.  Eclipses are dramatic wild cards in our horoscopes that we don't see coming.  They shake us up so that we can move from one level of maturity to another, very rapidly, and provide whatever we need to get us to think, decide or change.  They look for weak links in all circumstances and bring information so that you can decide what you want to do.  Eclipses work from the outside in.  An outside event that has nothing to do with you, or over which you have no control, will act in a way that affects your life in a powerful, direct and lasting way.  The outside force can be a small, casual comment.  Eclipses bring news of  big life events that you long remember.  You may get a promotion, start a business, meet someone or get engaged.  Or, you my eclipse out someone from your life, such as a breakup or divorce.  Eclipses often change the status of a situation.  Keep your eye on your health at eclipse time, and doubly so if it is near your birthday, in your birth sign, or six months away from your sign. If you need to address a health issue, get advice and help so you can feel good again.  You may feel like you are walking across a bridge to a new land at eclipse time. You are - with no ability to go back to the place you started.  While you can't go back to the good old days, you wouldn't want to.  You are ready for more.  The universe wants us to embrace all that is new, not go back to what is tried and true.  The ancients always wrote that if you act under a lunar eclipse, the plan would not work out quite the way you expected.  Consider the ideas of others, but make no decisions.  Bide your time and act a few weeks later when there is less cosmic dust in the air and things are more settled.  Here is the rule: It is better to listen and react rather than set forth dictums under an eclipse.  Try to allow some space of a week or more between the eclipse and the date you act.
Eclipses play with our sense of time and change it by compressing and speeding things up.  They bring events to bear today, ones that you assumed would happen months or years into the future.  If one of your planets will be touched by the eclipse, you may feel your life moving on fast forward.  Time moves so fast, you can almost see the hands on the clock spin around.  Eclipses help you do things you never thought you could do, overcome fears and show yes, you can do it!  Try not to issue ultimatums or make big actions under an eclipse as things will not work out as planned.  If an eclipse falls on your birthday, the year that follows will be quite eventful.  One part of your life is surely due for massive change.  In a lunar eclipse, it will be a year of endings, closure and fulfillment.  The universe seems to know we cannot handle too much radical change at once so eclipses give us time to digest the changes before they heap more on us.  Subsequent eclipses will help us move forward, step by step.  Additional information will come at the next eclipse and by then you will be ready for it.  If you observe events triggered by eclipses, you will be humbled to see how effective they are in their mission to bring truth to light and to help us live more productively, ethically and with integrity.  Eclipses are especially effective in revealing someone's character or true motivations.  After your discovery, you can better protect yourself.   Often a lunar eclipse will remove a person or element in your life that you thought you needed, but really don't.  This person or situation may end at eclipse time because you have already learned a great deal from them, or because the situation is outworn, dysfunctional, or in some way no longer capable of being nurturing and supportive to you.  An eclipse will sound the bell to tell you that time has passed and to move on. Often we wonder why something had to end the way it did, but it is not for us to ask.  Everything has its own lifecycle. Focus on the present, hope for the future, leave the past.  After you have given yourself time to adjust, be eager to find out what comes next.  Keep this rule in mind: The universe will not abide an empty space. Whenever a vacuum is created, the universe rushes to fill it.  Have faith that this will happen in your life and all that you lose will be replaced.  Often the next stage turns out to be far better than the one you just left. 
Take note of all news and signals you get near eclipses.  While news is often delivered in a dramatic and obvious way, sometimes it will come in more subtly, as a secret or piece of gossip.  Nevertheless, take it seriously because it could foretell dramatic changes to come.  If someone brings news you don't like and don't want to hear, realize it will be impossible to change things back to the way they were before.  View the news as essentially a non-negotiable dictate.  Accept what you are told and move on.  At eclipse time, we realize that we cannot control everything in life.  Accepting the finality of a certain relationship or situation can be very painful, but is a part of the life experience.  If you should feel very upset or sad, trust in the kindness and wisdom of those around you.  Spend time with those you love and who love you.  Eclipses help us to evolve and become more mature, seasoned, reflective and philosophical.  Eclipses shine the bright light of truth to the part of your chart that is touched by the eclipse, acting as brilliant illuninators, revealing a condition that has existed that you had ignored, or never noticed before.  Eclipses act as catalysts to a major life decision.  Under an eclipse, you may finally see someone's true character.  This may be a person you know well, or thought you did.  Discovering a dark side to a person can be very disillusioning.  Eclipses have a way of changing perspective.  It will be as though a puzzle piece suddenly fell from the sky, right into your hands.  Once you add this piece to your puzzle, the whole complexion of the situation will change.  Suddenly a mystery will be resolved, and you will say to yourself now I understand. Now you will know what you need to do next.  You are no longer in the dark.  That is exactly what an eclipse accomplishes. Even if an eclipse does not affect you, you will notice that there is plenty of action around you, not only in your own circle, but also in the world at large.  The news media will be filled with information.  In your personal life, you will hear of many monumental life events in the lives of people you know, both friends and family.  You may be called on to help others at this time.  You may be feeling more emotional than usual under a lunar eclipse.  Since your judgment may be impaired with so much being stirred up at once, before you respond, take time to think about things.  A quick response to news may be required of you, but have your wits about you.  Keep your normal schedule light because you might have something new to focus on that will need your immediate attention.  If someone is demanding an answer, you will have to give it and go with the flow.  The sense of surprise or shock often accompanies an eclipse.  Don't be too quick to judge an eclipse as good or bad because it can take weeks to understand the real meaning of what is going on.  An eclipse always has a second act, so be patient.  As you wait, the picture may keep changing. If you lose something under an eclipse, the universe has something better it is cooking up for you.  Be patient and keep an open mind.  Eclipses can make big, heavy gates swing open, even ones that have never opened for you before.  Be optimistic! xo
oh, you crazy moon, what did you do?  Miss Peggy Lee

thanks to Susan Miller for sharing your insights and expertise