Tuesday, July 6, 2010

he proposed

and she accepted!

On Saturday, July 3, 2010, our firstborn proposed marriage to his girlfriend and she wholeheartedly accepted to be his bride. Our whole family, including doggies, went up to Stony Lake in Michigan for the long holiday weekend.  This is Mike's favorite place in the world, as much as he has seen it so far.  He sold his motorcycle last week (thank God) to secure the funding for her bling and gave me the honor of being with him when he chose and purchased her engagement ring.  Mike was on a quest and anyone who knows him will find his mission will be accomplished. He shopped around to compare styles and prices with his best buddy, Anthony, and eventually decided on the one at Begeman Jewelers, now celebrating their 80th anniversary.  We use to frequent this place when they were in the city on Archer Avenue.  Ed moved the business to Willowbrook quite a while ago and I like their service, professionalism and most of all quality of jewelry.  Mike was impressed with everything about it and the ring he chose was exactly her style, her size and it is as beautiful as she is, so he walked out of there happy as a lark.  He was so nervous all week up until the moment she agreed to share her life with him. 
bye, bye bike~adios~hit the road

We were all gathered at a party hosted by the Birketts and shortly prior to sunset, they disappeared.  I knew he was doing the deed at that moment and snapped a remarkable photo of the area they were at that time.  Little did I know Mike took one as well.  Just perfect.  My lucky numbers are 7~3~1 and Mike mentioned to his dad that he chose this particular date to propose because Wayne told him how happy he was in '73.  I thought it was because we began dating then, but realized it was because he bought his Camaro at that time.  Ha Ha Ha!
stunning sunset with lovely rays

When the happy couple returned, a typical weekend gathering turned into a full-blown engagement party, with music, excellent food, fireworks and bonfire.  Thanks to Joe, Patty, Jackie and Nick for hosting this fantastic event.  It was even more special because all our family was there to share the moment.  Steve, Dan, Darcy, Thumper and Pontiac embraced them with happiness. Now we have a new member to join our pack and continue the memories.
to new beginnings and happy endings

I love this moment just after all the hugging and congrats were given.  This is the official beginning of their journey together.  They bring out the best in each other and have a comfortable ease when together.  Now, as partners, they are on their way to making their own memories and hopefully, having witnessed how life works, they will conquer their world, knowing they have so many friends and family to share it with.  They already have a headstart with their successful careers, cute condo, financial security and most importantly, they are happy and in love.   Wait until Ozis finds out - I can just imagine him with a little tux tie. 
good luck lady bug

Margarita is an avid gardener, so we share this in common already.  She has been trying to find a ladybug for her mandevilla and when we returned to the place we were staying, there she was waiting for her.  All these tiny moments add to the joy we are all feeling. 
Congratulations Mike and Margarita (M&M)!  May God Bless You Always...xo