Sunday, June 6, 2010


Mothers Against Drunk Drivers

On Mother's Day, I read a letter I received from my younger sister, Marilyn, who's 19 year old son, Kevin, was a victim of a drunk driver this past December.  The Benes family is devastated by the tragic loss of this beautiful boy. We all miss Kevin so much and he will remain in our hearts forever.  One way to honor him is by participating in  MADD's 2010 Chicago area 5K walk on June 6 at 10:00 am which will be held in Homer Glen at the Healing Garden (147th and Bell behind the Village Hall.)  Homer Glen was Kevin's home. 

This organization is dedicated to suppporting awareness and eliminate drunk driving, support the victims of this violent crime and prevent underage drinking.  Their campaign includes mandatory ignition interlocks, increased law enforcement, advanced vehicle technology and public support.  The program provides parents the knowledge and resources to engage their children in the very important dialogue about underage drinking.

We should all be mad when it comes to this senseless action.  We hear about this repeatedly but when it hits home, as it did with Kevin, the loss is unimaginable.  Please consider supporting any way you feel fit, either by putting on your walking shoes, donating prizes, contributing a few dollars to this important cause.  Some of us have been forming teams which can be viewed on the MADD notice at the bottom of this posting. Marilyn's is the Kevin - in our hearts forever... and mine is the Wind Walkers for Kevin.  If this is not possible, please just say a prayer for the Benes family.

for Kevin
and the Benes family xo