Monday, June 21, 2010


and the livin' is easy...

Today is the official beginning of summer according to the meteorologists.  This season offers the wonders of warmth, sunshine and lots of activities and memories to be made, mostly outdoors.  We are kissed by the sun that adds that special healthy glow to our skins, the air is brighter and the clouds seem more pronounced with the blue sky as their canvas.  Most of my childhood memories stem during this season.  I vaguely remember anything besides the two big winter holidays unless it was during the summer.  As a city dweller, we drank water out of a hose, found relief in water hydrants and went to Rainbow Beach. We vacationed in Marion and Bass Lake, but the bulk of our time was spent outdoors with our friends and cousins, playing relivio, It, kick the can and hop scotch. When I was a preteen we always hung around the field at Five's and when enough of us gathered, we played softball.   
We are able to grill outdoors thanks to the invention of gas grills, but it is delightful to be outdoors while the various meals are being created.  I still stand by my opinion that charcoal grills give the best flavor (sorry, guys.)  Corn on the cob, watermelon, strawberries, and ice cream are the most significant summer-related indulgences in my life.  Dark chocolate Dove bars rule! Tomatoes top this list, but we indulge toward the end in August and September. 
I fondly enjoy all the fresh fruits available at this time.  Food tastes so much better now, especially from the markets and our own gardens. I like the concept of markets - so quaint and personal.  I have recently discovered my dogs like salad and watermelon.  I eat this every single day and now I must share it with them.  A dog liking spinach?  Mine love it. Ozis likes bananas, too. 
Since I was a teen, we frequented the Warren Sand Dunes in Michigan.  This is my favorite place in the whole world and my boys have already been instructed to spread my ashes on a dune overlooking the lake.  It only takes 90 minutes to get there and they offer camping, grilling, hiking up the dunes (getting harder every time) and just strolling the coastline of Lake Michigan.  My fondest memory is when we were dating, Wayne and I were casually strolling near the edge of the beach and a hornet kept going after him.  He grabbed his tee shirt and kept swatting him and that little, itty, bitty insect had him running at least half a mile down the coast.  It is so funny just picturing that scene.  LOL LOL LOL  Good times, there.
I like being near water, but not so much staying in it, but this is the time when children love to dip and do anything pool and water related.  When we had pool for the boys, it was the best investment we ever made.  It lasted 10 years and they were always in that thing from May through October.  It could be ice cold and they would splash around their little haven.  I cherish those times. 
My wish for this glorious season is that you find time to enjoy all the blessings being offered.  Take advantage of all the activities and make it a point to discover a new town, market, garden, forest preserve, or something you have not done before and tack it on to your memory bank.  My wish goes a little further in hoping all your travels and adventures are safe.  Life has so much to offer; all we need do is reach out and touch.

so hush, little baby...don't you cry. xo