Wednesday, June 23, 2010

she's a beauty

Talk about affirmations!  Wayne and Mike have been following this car for quite awhile now and he kept saying when the time is right, he'll get one.  And he is.  History repeats itself with our family and cars, for we usually need to purchase two cars at once and lo and behold, a few months later, Wayne will get his coveted Porsche Boxster for his double nickel birthday present to himself.  He so deserves it and always puts everyone else before his own desires.  Now it's time for him to enjoy a little more pleasure with this new toy.  Thanks to Mikey; once again, our carboy brought it home to dangle the carrot, and it worked. 
Look how happy he is! Men and their cars...Now Steve will have the Jeep whenever he wants, with the provision we may need it at times during the winter.  Win-win. What a great deal - financially it is just like my purchase - and the very best part is no payments.  I like collecting the titles to these cars - it took a long time to get to this point, but all the planning and saving is paying off. No boasting here, just sharing the power of perseverence.
She really is a beauty.  We'll have to take some pleasure cruises, just as we did when we were dating.  Don't tell anyone, but I would sneak out of the house when everyone was asleep and we would hop in Wayne's Camaro and just drive on I-55, listening to great tunes.  What the heck - mom and dad knew - she busted me.  Good times, there. Sometimes the universe gives you what you hope for when you're supposed to have it. If anyone deserves this toy, it's him.
 I know we'll be just fine, when we learn to love the ride. Happy trails, Wayne-O. xo