Friday, June 4, 2010

for mikey

your buddy

Happy Birthday, Mike! You are a quarter of a century - the big 25.  I vividly remember all the details of when you were born and all the joyful memories you have given us.  You were born on the due date, exactly 50 years to the minute the same time as your Grandpa Bob.  What are the odds of that?  You must have liked living in my womb, for it took 36 hours of labor before you finally made your entrance into this world.  You weighed almost 9 pounds and were perfectly healthy.  We wanted babies so fervantly and our dreams came true when you entered our lives.  You have come a long way since you were our little Mookie. You were always very active and cars were a magnet to you.  You slept with all your little Matchbox cars and once we counted 500 in the house.  You take after your dad and grandpa, for you are very musically inclined and have a great ear for music.  I love how you can hear a tune, even classical music, and just play it on the piano as if you own it. Your guitar is your best friend.
One of your toys

You are indeed carboy, or shall I say carman.  How many have you purchased since your first car from Wisconsin, the 1989 Firebird Transam?  She was a beauty and you doted on her.  I think you have purchased close to 30 cars in 10 years, including 2 cycles; and you know every detail about vehicles.  You are amazing.  How often did you take care of any car jams and repairs - one phone call - done! Soon you will achieve your Criminal Justice degree  - we are so proud of how you worked full-time and still made high grades.  Good for you!  Despite this nutty economy, you landed a perfect position with the State's Attorney's office and can feel secure this is a great career path for you.  I am glad you are able to continue servicing Lemont as a policeman, for you are a very giving person and this duty is a true testament to that trait. We nicknamed you the wolf just like Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction, for if someone needs a connection, or an item, or repair, you are the one that can get it done.  You have loads of good friends to share your journey. You are very well connected and your networking is off the charts.  Dad calls this being street smart.  Being a Gemini, you will always wear many hats and so far  this is very accurate.  Continue embracing your strengths and make the world a better place. No one puts anything passed you - that's what makes you so remarkable.
First day of your career

When you put your mind to something, you are determined to complete any task, great or small.  You own a cozy condo with serene surroundings and great energies; and within a year you have embellished your dwellings with good taste.  How many nights did you spend painting and planning? You and Anthony installed those beautiful hardwood floors and once the bathrooms are remodeled, you are all set and can focus on relaxing, enjoying life to its fullest and spending quality time with your gorgeous girl.   Our goal in raising you was to build your confidence and help you focus on your strengths.  You always did your best.  You are quick to help your brothers; and they have needed you many times in years past.  Thanks for that. It will help all of you to stay connected as brothers - you don't have to do every little thing together, just stay close.  All dad has to do is ask to help him on any given project and you are here in a heartbeat.  I enjoy having you and Margarita over for visits, even if they are just to share a quick dinner together.  That's the beauty of living so closely.  You have so much ahead of you and yet you have already made so many memories.
Nice job on the playroom

Our wish today is to live life to its fullest, laugh a lot, and love yourself, and those who need it most.  You are very wise for your tender age, and have endured many hardships and challenges that some people never have to in their entire lives, but you know it has made you the wonderful man you are. You tell me most often how conquering the obstacles helped you grow stronger and wiser.  Keep making lemonade out of the lemons.  Rise above any dissension.  Be assertive and confident.  Show off your big, kind heart.  You are truly your father's son; actually, you fell out of his eye.  We are proud to be your family.  Most of all, be happy.  We'll see you at your celebration...

Life is beautiful and so are you. xo