Tuesday, June 29, 2010

trader joe's

I love Trader Joe's.  This is my splurge, pick-me-up place where I get what I want, not only what I need.  The experience is so delightful, from the smiling faces to the healthy food and very reasonable prices.  We began our orchid collection thanks to this place and I constantly purchased fresh cut flowers for my business from here.  The gorgeous bouquets are the first thing we see upon entering the doors.  I find many guys shop at this store; as a matter of fact, there are more men than women each time I go. Once an elderly woman was being assisted by a manager who was suggesting various items for purchase and I commented on the chocolate covered macadamia nuts so he went ahead and opened one for all to sample.  I buy one of their bags not only to stay environmentally friendly, but they are so darn cute!
Have you ever needed to use their restrooms?  They are decorated as if you were on an island with cutesy sayings.  It really is a pleasure to shop here considering I am not a fan of shopping.  I look forward to their flyer with all the special items and circle my favorites.  I always forget to take it with but remember most things.  I absolutely love, love, love the bakery made granola and the pita chips with sea salt.  I try to sample a new wine each time I visit and the boys like their fun beers.  This time I bought Pat Weasel Ale and Trader Joe's Premium Lager (like Corona.)  I have not indulged in any carbs for about three months so I stocked up on various new crackers and one I must give a shout out - their 1000 layer cracker.  OMG! heaven in my mouth.  I enjoy the brie cheeses, but get a few of the Spanish such as Manchego and Iberico.  Drool here.  It has been sooo long since I had my wine, cheese and cracker indulgence.  Can't wait.  
I try to bring home a pie each visit and this time strawberry rhubarb won.  The very best part is when I get their fruits.  Aunt Aletha mentioned she bought nectarines and sure enough they were right there upon entering.  I eat yogurt with fruit and granola every night instead of ice cream or cereal and the fresher, the better. 

we don't do coupons, club cards or secret handshakes, just honest values, every day.
this is on the back of my receipt

Thanks, Joe! xo