Saturday, June 26, 2010


my beloved rose is blooming

My screen saver says the following: I don't understand people whose greatest fear is being their parents.  I wish I could be half as amazing someday.  If you were a parent and saw this, what would your reaction be?  Exactly.  Tears, pride and joy.  This moment will stay with us forever.  Thanks, my Boo.  I must continue my share about Wayne-O's new ride.  Today he is picking up his coveted Boxster with Mikey.  Exactly five months ago, Mike did the same with me when I picked up my Lexus.  He is our mojo with cars.  Wayne left his sunglasses in the Jeep while it is being repaired and Mike went and got him a cool set of shades from Nordstrom, the Kenneth Cole brand so Wayne will be cool at his age.  These little thoughtful things make a parent teary-eyed.  In 1972, Wayne's dad, my beloved Bombhead (George) purchased his own toy - a beautiful, big, green Cadillac at the dealership in Oak Lawn.  He was 54; Wayne is 54.  He was so happy to get this car and I came into the picture a year later and he still found joy in owning this auto.  The owner of the Cadillac dealership purchased the Porsche Boxster to make a child's wish come true.  A little boy ridden with cancer asked to be surrounded by Porsches and this particular car was used to fulfill the little boy's wish.  Good energies already.  Since it is a Cadillac dealer, they want to unload it, hence, it is meant to be Wayne's.  He will take very good care of it and the history makes it even more exciting to ride in.  Today will be fun to see them so happy with their accomplishments.
so are my dahlias
I hope you find time to enjoy the weekend.  Although it will be a scorcher, if you are out and about, check out the Chicago offerings.  We have the Crossroads concert in Bridgeview featuring Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Steve Wynwood, Buddy Guy, Cheryl Crow, John Mayer and a slew of musicians.  Our friend, Eddie Reyes, went last year and said it was amazing.  We have seen most of the artists in concerts in years past, but never together.  I can only imagine how awesome this will be.  My very favorite in the whole wide world, Lady Antebellum and Tim McGraw are performing at the Midwest in Tinley tonight. This will be utterly delightful for all my friends attending.  Have a blast! The Band for TV is performing with members from different TV shows, including a few from Heroes, House, Desperate Housewives, et al.  How cool will that be?  Half a dozen Triathalons are being held in Chicago this weekend, the Cubs/Sox Crosstown games are going on (go Sox!) and the Gay Pride Parade and parties are happening.  Members of the Blackhawks and Katy Perry are expected to participate.  If you have not experienced the Taste of Chicago, it is worth dealing with the crowds.  When we worked downtown, Wayne and I would meet during lunch and sample the Tempura and listen to a band, or return after work and listen to many great artists, like Barry White and George Benson.  It's worth the trip.  We had our fill so won't be going anymore.  Matter of fact, I like indulging in relaxing weekends, just hanging around the abode.  We are such nesters.  Perhaps we will visit Dan in his new bartending place in Burr Ridge.  We could have a drink at the new Sushi Bar.  We'll see...
not ours, but cute couple's feet

We are planning to head up to Stony Lake in Michigan to celebrate the 4th of July weekend.  Our dear friends, the Antoniollli's, invited us to stay in their newly acquired place up the hill from them.  Mike, Margarita, Steve and Karen will go up first and Wayne and I will join them, then Dan and Darcy will be with us so it will be staggered with our family gathering.  I don't want to leave the dogs alone anymore, so this works out perfectly.  We may decide to take them with.  I look forward to climbing the dunes and being with this fantastic family for they have 8 kids of their own and all their friends - it will be a party, no doubt.  Whippy Dip, here we come!

I had a great time bonding with my brother Bo and sister Kiki this week.  I love them so much and having nice conversations about the realities of life is very healing.  There is nothing like the bond between a sibling, no matter what transpires throughout the years.  I keep stressing this to my boys and hopefully my experiences will provide a testament that unconditional, pure love, conquers all.  Always hope for the best.  Always.  God will always answer prayers.  Always.  xo