Saturday, June 5, 2010

for wayne-o

me and my man

Happy 30th anniversary, Shuka!  After dating for seven years, you made me your bride, and we never looked back.  Our memories are filled with lots of love and laughter.  Even through some tears, we always managed to get back on top of things.  Upon reflection, the trials and tribulations only proved how tight we are together.  United we stand, babe!  You blessed me with three wonderful sons that bring us so much pride and joy. Our bond with music is undeniable, which is why I always knew I would marry a music man.  Our first date was at the Aragon, where we saw Spirit, Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker.  Statesboro Blues and Stormy Monday inspired us to seal our affections. You are such a dynamo on the bass guitar and passed your genes on to our boys, who are talented on their own instruments.  The best part of you is in each of them.  Who could ask for anything more?  The world is a better place thanks to you.  Our journey is depicted through our photographs and memories and I am trying to keep them alive through blogs so our sons and their families will always know how we did it.  After all, Dad always says immortality is through procreation.  Three is my lucky number.
honeymoon in Hawaii

Your greatest gift is your sense of humor - not a day goes by that someone doesn't chuckle at your funny ways.  You are a tremendous part of making sure our home is well-kept and cozy.  At this juncture in our lives, we look forward to lazy days, travelling and nesting together.  We did our best, and when the glass is half empty for you, mine is half full and vice versa.  Looking back on hardships, they don't seem so difficult, because we had each other. We have fun just grocery shopping together and getting pampered nowadays. You really are my better half, Sugar Babe, and just as Shania sings, you're still the one.  I look forward to many more adventures on our journey through this lifetime, and when it is over, there is always the next one.  Until then, to paraphrase my wedding vows three decades later:

You are my lover, my life and my friend:  'til death do us part. xo