Wednesday, February 10, 2010

mother nature

Wow! Mother Nature made her mark with us yesterday in the Midwest.  She delighted us with 10" of snow that was beautiful to watch.  It came down softly and slowly throughout the day and night.  I shoveled twice during the day to keep up with it so we could get in and out of the garage safely, but we let it come down through the night so Wayne could use his mightly snowblower this morning, paving the way for us travelers to get to our destinations. 
It was so calm and serene and I let my doggies roam since no one was around and my neighbor, Dan,  thought they escaped (which they have done in the past) but they came right back home after their sojourn of sniffing the area.  Dan and I exchanged stories of the deer that hang out by our homes and get a kick out of how they frolick and are making themselves comfortable here.  It's nice to know someone looks out for our pups, for everyone knows them by their loud barks (beagle and bassets are very vocal dogs) but they are cute as the dickens.  I love how they make tracks in the backyard and everytime they go out they follow their path.  They are funny creatures.
Mother Nature presented us with another present in the form of a mild, yet widely-felt earthquake.  We slept right through it around 4:00 am which is rare, as most nights the dogs interrupt our slumber to take their potty break, but not last night.  My son, Danny, was up as usual and he mentioned the whole house shook.  I wonder if we will get another one.  It just goes to show you how strange things can occur, but mostly that we should pay more attention to the gifts Mother Earth has provided and not take them for granted.  If she gets too disgruntled with our abuse of her beauty, I have a feeling we will know her wrath sooner or later.  I noticed how beautiful the sun was shining and took a moment to thank Her for the many gifts bestowed on us; even if we complain about the cold and snow, we love our seasons in the Midwest.  It's the dreary days that get to me.  The sun is my healer.  I thrive on its beauty.
Dear God,

Please bless and protect this sacred jewel,
Our vulnerable planet so besieged.
May the rivers and the oceans and the sky and the land
All be repaired somehow, dear Lord.
May the barbarism end, which threatens to destroy our priceless treasure.
For surely the earth has been our home,
The home of our parents unto all generations.
For the sake of our children, Lord,
Save this earth.
Place in all minds a greater awe before her mysteries.
Shield her and heal her wounds,
Restore her to her former glory.
Save her, Lord, from us.

Marianne Williamson - Illuminata