Tuesday, February 16, 2010

another one bites the dust

Mother Nature left me a birthday bouquet.  Thanks.  This is a gentle reminder that winter is still upon us and not leaving anytime soon.  Oh well.  Another year has come and gone.  I remember dreading the 50s, but actually, they are not so bad.  My early years were childlike, my teens tumultuous, my 20s filled with new beginnings - a husband, 2 new homes, 2 babies, a career.  My 30s graced me with another son and new passions - dance, tae kwon do and taking care of the family.  Juggling was integral.  My 40s were the best. My business flourished and I was at my healthiest. I befriended so many people and learned more than I could have ever dreamed I would know.  The 50s have been about financial goals and closing many doors and opening numerous windows.  All monetary issues have evaporated.  In a few months our beloved home will be owned solely by us, not the bank.  Adios mortgage. Now we can accomplish our lifetime goal to provide the most for our sons.  They will never want for anything; and thankfully, carry with them the understanding and appreciation of  how glorious it feels to be self-sufficient and begin their futures debt free. Life is so much more enjoyable when money restraints are not an issue.  There is a great pride attached to accomplishments through hard work, determination, perseverance and wise investing. The road is long and winding, but there is always a finish line.

I am only a few years into the 50s, but definitely feel a slowdown in my pace. That's alright with me.  Simple pleasures are significant. I enjoy writing and sharing my journey. I embrace the little projects that bring joy to my boys.  Travelling will be our next adventure. I look forward to checking off the big to do list and making a bigger to enjoy list.   I imagine the 60s will be about settling down.  Lord willing, we still have a way to go before that phase. Perhaps then I'll make my bucket list.  We'll get there when we get there. 

This is Dan doing what he loves best - drumming on his DWs.  He took lessons for 8 years when he was younger but his skill keeps improving the more he plays.  He was the drummer for a band called Harmony of Lies for awhile.  They played at many lounges and made a CD.   Wayne and I had fun playing groupies. They practiced in our home for quite some time.  Dan decided to beat to his own drum and play his unique style.  It is not uncommon for him to play for 3-4 hours at a time, but mostly just 2. My ears thank him for that.  He just purchased a new snare drum which is bringing him much joy.  He gets quite a workout while playing so he really accomplishes a lot while doing what he loves.  His towels are soaked after a drum run.  Who needs a sauna?  Just go to his room after a session.  Hot.

When he is not attending school at DePaul, he bartends at Gold Class Cinema in Bolingbrook.  Wayne and I went on a date over the weekend to see Valentine's Day.  Dan was our server and we were so impressed at how professional he is.  He made our experience so delightful.  He gave us such pride. We witnessed how he interacts with other patrons and he can mix drinks like nobody's business.  He reminded me of Tom Cruise in Cocktail. And he knows how to wash the dishes!  Who knew?  Dan will always strive to be the best he can be.  Now to convince him how awesome he is.  He's getting there.  Wait until he shows the world what he can do!

Mike and Margarita are beginning to nest and continue their journey together.  They are focusing on their careers and making memories.  They went to their boss' getaway home in Michigan for the weekend and had a great bonding experience.  He is just beginning his own journey and the choices that he has made up to this point have proven what a truly remarkable man he has become.  He has accompished a lot for his tender age and he has only just begun. Watch out, world!

Steve is right where he wants to be at this time in his life.  He has great plans and a whole new life ahead of him.  Nothing can stop him now.  I am anxious to begin reading the novel he has been writing and was astounded to find it's 2 inches thick and still not complete.  Once the weather breaks we have huge garden plans.  He is embracing the college world and is so at ease with it.  He just grooved in.  His imagination will lead him to great things.  Get ready for him!

This is the best birthday present a mother could ever hope for:  the loves of her life are blossoming.  They are happy, healthy and loved.  And they know it.  Many times kids take things for granted and miss the opportunities to be the best they can be.  We can proudly say that at this point in time, all of them have arrived in the exact place they need to be to continue their journey. 

Today I thank God for getting through another challenging, yet fulfilling year.   I look forward to all the blessings I know are in store for us.  Any obstacles Wayne and I endured have only made us stronger.  Once we realized how resilient we can be, we realized that life is simple.   And together we are a force to be reckoned with.  Life is like a circle and now it's time to enjoy the good things.  In a few months we will celebrate 30 years of marriage. How quickly life goes by, but I never let it go by without living it to its fullest. When I took a breath to blow the candles out, I had nothing more to wish for - my heart was filled with gratitude for all I have at this moment.  My heart is leaping with love for all those who have been a part of my life - it was truly heartwarming to receive all the warm wishes on my birthday. 
I am blessed and I know it! And those paczki donuts are waiting for me to sample them. Yum!

there is no greater thing than to love and to be loved xo