Saturday, February 6, 2010

tickle my fancy

What a poser! This is what Steve and Sarah did today during our monthly get together.  Janet and Sarah came for a visit to our home this time and while Janet and I caught up on things, after breakfast we went through old relics and items stored for appraisal.  She determined which pieces were precious and which to donate.  I love the pink depression glass and Leftin china. We went through tons of coins and found pre-war dimes and lots of real silver and even some gold coins.  She has a catalog on how to determine coin value so after sorting them, we will have another project.  We have a plan to get together at the Sawyer home to appraise the relics tucked away there.  Good luck with that! She wants to showcase the crystal lamp at their antique fair and thinks it could win grand championship. Cool. I have absolutely no idea what is antique and what is pretty and what is junk, so this helps me tons.  She had plenty of practice with her stuff so I'll get the advice I needed. Thanks, pal.
Poor thumper - they played you like a dolly.  And you let them!  We are going to indulge in a delicious lasagne dinner at Susan's a little later.  It's so nice to have someone else cook once in a while.  Tomorrow is our Super Bowl party here and I already bought all the goodies for guacamole and Wayne will get the burritos at Qdoba.  Go New Orleans Saints!  Regardless who wins, it promises to be an exciting game. 
I am ready for a getaway from this winter and its doldrums.  Wayne thinks he may have a business trip to San Antonio during the Ides of March so the three musketeers will get to travel for a few days.  Good, now I don't have to wait for Punta Cana to get some warmth.  I'll explore the hotels on the Riverwalk and plan our touring excursions and get excited online.  I have done this twice before for San Antonio and even if he doesn't go for work, we're going.  Foot down.  I can wait one month.
Tomorrow I get to see my sweet Obert and Carrie.  We're shopping at the Chicago Ridge Mall since he is growing so fast and I want to treat him to some cool duds.  My boys buy their own stuff so it will be fun to indulge him.  This was a really rough week but we got through it.  Everything seems to be breaking down - the washer, computer, dish washer.  Yikes.  All are fixed but the dishwasher  - the part should arrive early next week.  $42 for a little piece of plastic and $140 for service.  Rip off, but what are you gonna do? 

Hope you enjoy your weekend. xo

The more I want to get something done, the less I call it work.