Tuesday, February 2, 2010


February has finally arrived.  The new snow is my reminder that we still have more winter to endure and the groundhog saw his shadow today.  One thing is for certain, the seasons always change, so my beloved spring will be here before I know it.  It's really not so bad when the sun shines.  My beautiful cardinal came back for a visit.  My bambi dogs still cruise our block causing my doggies to bark like crazy.  The deer just look at them as if they are nuts.  We have another dog most afternoons since Mike works all day and has school Monday nights.  He is grooving in with the others and they are slowly accepting him in their pack.  Just a little bit. 
What a fun weekend on Facebook!  Many of us posted celebrity look-alike pictures.  Last week was retro profile pics and let me tell you, this is a great belly buster.  My thoughtful aunt found tons of photos from way back of our family from all sides and though time may be cruel to our physical bodies, it's fun to remember those once upon a time moments.  I love retro.  Sometimes we forget people and past experiences and with just a glance of a picture we can get waves of memories rushing through our minds.  Hearing a song or smelling an aroma has the same affect.  The best part of these postings was reading the comments from all those who remembered.  It's amazing how many of us responded to her pictures.  One simple act of kindness affected so many of us.  I am so glad Uncle Bill took these pics and Aunt Diane shared them.  It was a universal blast from the past. 
This is one of my favorites with our Dad, Juliana, Susan, me, Mom, Karen and Marilyn.  It's the only photo I have ever seen with our parents and all their princesses.  It is so sweet.
This one I treasure for I vividly remember reading to the wee ones.  It must have been at Bass Lake.  This inspired me to write about our ventures at another time.  Oh, what fun we had there. 
Since there was no football to watch, Wayne and I spent Sunday afternoon grocery shopping and getting our eyebrows threaded.  I gave him a hot stone massage to get rid of his kinks from working on computers all day.  He made the rounds visiting his brother and dropping off my Dad's chili and pizza.  It was nice chatting with my Dad afterward.  He always calls a few times after his delivery. We cooked a nice steak dinner for the boys and settled with our pups to enjoy the Grammys.  This year was very entertaining with Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Pink, Dave Matthews and Lady Antebellum as my favorities.  Pink stole the show with her acrobatic talents and Taylor Swift is such a cutie and did a folksy rendition of her hit song. I just wish she was a little more on key when she sings live.  I'm glad she won.  Best of all Kings of Leon won an award.  I love that band! Music is probably the most influential passion in my life.  I married a music man so we share many conversations pertaining to same.  I have so many favorite artists and my ipod has over 1,700 songs and I love all of them.  I can't even imagine driving in my car without music.  I cook and clean all the time to tunes.  Music refreshes my soul.
I have been giving massages almost everyday but it works with my schedule.  I am more relaxed driving to and from COD now.  Things are settling down a bit.  Last week I dabbled in Rachael Ray's pasta recipes and they were a hit with my family.  I always hold my breath when trying something new.  I was happy to meet with Greg and Chris at the Capital Grille last Sunday to renew our friendship.  Greg was like a brother to me back in our dancing days and we parted ways for 14 years, so this reunion was filled with catching up on our accomplishments and future aspirations.  It was nice to be together again.  They visited Greece recently to the exact places we plan to go - Santorini, Athens and Mikonos, so Wayne and I will visit them and view their photos another time. 

This weekend will be much busier. We have the SuperBowl Game and my favorite team, New Orleans Saints made it.  I hope they win, but Manning is really good.  We'll see.  Our friends from Delavan may come down Saturday morning, then the plan is to take my nephew, Obert, and my darling sister, Carrie, shopping.  That boy is growing so fast and I wanted to spend time with them. He makes me laugh with his sense of humor. And wise to boot! One of Steve's friends invited us to Saturday dinner so our days are filled.  That's good once in a while; makes the day go while I wait for spring. 
If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome. Anne Bradstreet

Love is everywhere, I see it.
You are all that you can be, go on and be it.
Life is perfect, I believe it.
Come play the game with me. John Denver

Give light and people will find the way. xo