Thursday, February 25, 2010

mop it up!

Today I made lots of food.  I always prepare a meal, except for once a week we order pizza, on Friday, always.  The above is  potato and cheese pierogi with scallions and bacon. 
My sides today are teryaki rice and taco rice and the pierogi is complete.
These are salmon patties which include scallions, seasoned pine nuts, celery and onion.
This is how they look after frying in olive oil.
I wasn't sure they would go for salmon patties so I made meatloaf with mango salsa barbeque sauce and finished it off with corn and peas.  The veggies make is so colorful. 

Mop up, my boys!

I am still fasting since Ash Wednesday, so can't say how it tastes, but it looks good enough. xo