Monday, January 11, 2010

ildiko helena

Happy birthday, Helena, my female soulmate!  You are one of my favorite blessings this life has provided me.  Our journey together began in August of 1998 when we met at the Chicago School of Massage Therapy on Lincoln Avenue.  Weren't we surprised to find out this education was so much more challenging than anticipated.  We thought they would teach us how to give rub downs and were we in for a rude awakening as we learned so much anatomy, physiology and kinesiology, not to mention the ethics, acupressure and business classes.  Our mornings entailed lecture, followed by memorable lunches and a whole afternoon of hands-on massage practice on whatever muscle groups learned earlier that day. That was the fun part. Thursday evenings covered everything else.  I remember how you took such detailed, colorful and beautiful notes and mine were all sloppy and scribbled everywhere.  Even I could not read my own writing. With each other's support, we both earned high grades.  Those tests were killers.   Remember how nervous we were before each one?  And we rushed over the next week to see how well we did. 
My fondest memory was the lunches we shared at Pockets and the Chinese joint for hot and sour soup.  We browsed the new Healing Earth Resources for ideas on my business and you always offered your expertise.  Having interior design background, you were a natural when it came to decorating and helped make The Goddess Touch come alive. As our educational days came to an end we celebrated by purchasing the garden of eden carpet for the spa.  I loved how you came by every Tuesday from downtown just to be with me and offer your support.  You never left without moving things around so they were positioned and displayed perfectly, using our feng shui knowledge as our guide..  You have the touch, my darling. 

Your heart is so full of wondrous ideas on how to improve ourselves and encourage pampering not only to clients but to ourselves as well. You always give me the encouragement to raise the bar on everything and best of all, you tell me when it's just right.  I so enjoy visiting you at your highrise, for it is filled with lovely artifacts of your journeys and each corner leaves my senses delighted.  I miss having lunch at the thai and sushi place near you and browsing down the Magnificent Mile together.  Remember how I would meet you at the train station in Hinsdale and we walked up the street, arm in arm, as if we could not let go; we were so happy to be together again.  How about the tamale run on your way back in Westmont?  We shared so many trials and tribulations and we are each others' sunshine. 

I was so happy to reciprocate to you by offering respite at our home in Delavan.  It pleased me to be able to share the joy we had while being up there and I know you and Jeffrey always enjoyed it immensely.  Givers must learn to receive and we both had to learn to relax as well, and we did.  You always give me the best massage and your sweet Hungarian voice soothes me like no other.  How did I get so lucky to have you in my life? Our mutual love of music tops the cake. I cherish your love and affection and look forward to making many more memories together in the near future.  Both of our lives have been in turmoil these past few years and when it gets too tough, we reach out to each other to get us through crisis mode. 
Let's plan to get pampered together again as we did at Exhale and Oasis.  There is a new spa in Burr Ridge that is quite exclusive and deserving of our patronism.  We can celebrate our birthdays together.

You are beautiful, darling Helena, and my true inspiration.  God has blessed me with you in my life.  As always, I remain....

                                              Your lovergirl xo xo xo