Wednesday, January 6, 2010

don't blink

Perhaps it is the beginning of the end of the world.  This last month I have been witness to so much tragedy.  My sweet nephew Kevin was struck by a drunk driver and killed instantly, my uncle is battling health issues, my niece has colon problems, and poor Chevy, my dear friend's dog, was struck by a semi-truck and killed.  Last night I received another devastating call notifying me my special friend of many years just lost her husband.  Come on, God.  What's the deal?  I am aware we all must leave this earth, but we are experiencing severe travesties.  Beautiful people are being taken from us leaving our lives empty of the love and affection so deserving those who need them most.  I find more of my loved ones are in heaven these days.  Is there anybody left here on earth?  Bonnie, Jamie and Tony - you will conquer this hurdle and cope as best you can for you are surrounded by many who love you.  Bonnie, I don't know many women like you.  You are one, if the the most beautiful woman I have the honor of  knowing and sharing my journey with.  You survived breast cancer, are extremely talented as a dancer and yoga instructor and business owner and mostly a devoted wife, mother, daughter and sister.  Your inner beauty mirrors your soul and knows no bounds; your giving nature is incomparable. I cannot even begin to imagine your pain, but I promise you I will do my best to offer my comfort and bring my healing energies to you in a few days.  I am praying hard that my spirit guides and angels indulge me with all it takes to help you heal through this ordeal.  I am here for you, dear friend. 

This is my 'how do I cope?' day.  I iron.  My angels knew I would need it and I was inspired to purchase this new board and iron to do what I can to get through hard times.  Some people take happy pills, some drink too many cocktails or run themselves ragged; I iron.  I place my board near a window so I can see the birdies and reflect on whatever weight is bringing me anguish.  I usually bring the boys' business clothes to our disco cleaners but today I need this therapy and whipped through a dozen dress shirts and 4 pair of slacks in record time.  I bought new bird food so my little darlings can indulge on a special treat.  I am aware it is imperative to keep food in constant supply so they know a source is available.  My cardinals are still in Bourbonnais but maybe with this new enticement they will return to keep me company. We'll see. 
Meantime, tell those you love that you do.  If you are undergoing marital discourse, resolve it.  Find a way.  Life is too short.  Hug your kids more often than not, no matter how old they are.  Tell your better half how special they are.  Take care of yourself.  Take nothing for granted.  Listen to Kenny Chesney's 'Don't Blink' and Garth Brooks' 'The Dance'.  Heed the wisdom in these lyrics and find happiness in simple pleasures.  We are all susceptible to demise, so please live each day as if it were your last.  Tomorrow may never come.  Not to be a downer, but reality is biting hard these days and some of the best people I know are no longer.  Hold love and light in your heart and be strong for those who are weak.  Be happy for those who are sad and most of all, love yourself and those who need it the most.  We are all connected.  God Bless You, Tony.  I know you are with the best and someday we will all be together.  Until then.  Love. xo