Tuesday, January 26, 2010

pasta toss

Rachael Ray's Pasta Toss

Chicken breasts, cubed
Penne and  Rigatoni wheat pasta
2 pkgs. grape tomatoes
1 purple onion
5 garlic cloves
Frozen spinach, thawed
Fresh parmesan, asiago or fontina cheese, grated
Sharp cheddar cheese, grated
Fresh basil
Fresh argula

Saute cubed chicken in olive oil until browned, so draining is necessary.  Add chopped onion and grated garlic cloves.  When softened, add both packages of tomatoes and simmer until they burst. Add spinach, drained and squeezed of water.  Make sure you cover the pan so this can occur.  Meantime, bring salted water to a boil and add pasta. I have been using whole wheat to keep us healthy and it provides a variety but you can use whatever you like.  Drain pasta and do not rinse.  Add chicken mix to pasta and mix with chopped basil and arugula. Add cheese and mix in huge bowl.  You can use grated parmesan cheese as well but my boys like cheddar.  Indulge your senses!

I really enjoy Rachael Ray's recipes and made note of her top 10 downloaded recipes so I can try them on my boys. They are easy peasy.  I just love the smell of fresh herbs and decided to make sure I include them in my garden this year.  So far my favorites have been cilantro and basil.  I found in the past the herbs can overcome a garden so I will research how to contain them.  I have 3 months to wait until the garden can come to life again.  I hope the 80 tulip bulbs we planted burst with color.  Until then we must undergo freezing weather this week, but as long as the sun can peek through, we Chicagoans can endure our weather. 

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