Saturday, January 9, 2010

sacred fires

We are born into the world of nature; our second birth is into the world of spirit. Bhagavad-Gita

Atmosphere is the great beginning.  Setting the tone is the first step.  Why not create a room that is your personal sanctuary of nourishment and harmony?  If this does not seem possible because you share the space with others, there is hope!  Fill a basket with scented candles, a natural fiber washcloth, recordings of your favorite music, a framed picture of someone you love or a place that holds special memories, a book of affirmations, and a variety of essential oils.  Keep it hidden in a drawer, ready and waiting to give your body and spirit the healing you are worthy of.  A great book to capture this spirit is Simple Abundance, loaded with wonderful words of wisdom.

This was my first sanctuary where I offered massage therapy at The Goddess Touch in Darien.  Candles were always lit while in session. 

Lighting candles was once a highly symbolic gesture, linked to the preservation of the soul.  The mellow glow of a candle creates an immediate aura of white light that radiates throughout the room.  The element of fire creates light in darkness, and signifies transformation.  The candle is the image of humanity; its wax corresponds to the physical body, its wick to the mind, its flame to the spirit or soul.  Candles are key to any ceremony, meditation or ritual.  Rituals speak to the heart and to the soul.  They make everyday life more holy and enriching.  Clear the mind by lighting a candle, reclining in a hot bath full of essential oils and gazing into the flame.  It is an ancient way to feel rooted, to come home, back to your authentic self.

This is where I made magic at the Hinsdale location of The Goddess Touch. 

If you are lighting a candle for a reason other than ambiance, the color should be selected carefully, according to your purpose.  Each color has meaning and possesses a different vibration that attracts specific influences.  Every candle color corresponds to a mythological goddess:

Yellow:  For charm, confidence, attraction and persuasion.  Sacred color of Amaterasu-O-Mi-Kami, the Japanese sun goddess.

Orange:  To stimulate and energize.  One of the sacred colors of Demeter, the goddess of agriculture in Greek mythology.

Gold: To attract cosmic influences.  Sacred color of Fortuna, Roman goddess of happiness and good fortune.

White:  For healing, inner peace and spiritual strength.  Sacred color of Flora, Roman goddess of flowers.

Silver:  To encourage stability.  Sacred color of Kilya, Incan moon goddess.

Red:  For fertility, passion, love and magnetism.  Sacred color of Aphrodite, goddess of love.

Purple:  For psychic energy, healing, success, power and independence.  Sacred color of Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom and the arts.

Pink:  For love and friendship.  Sacred color of Benten, Japanese love goddess of femininity, music, literature and the sea.

Green:  For good luck, fertility, prosperity and rejuvenation.  Sacred color of Kuan Yin, the Chinese goddess of childbirth and compassion.

Blue:  For honor and loyalty, truth, tranquility, wisdom and peace.  Sacred color of Hathor, Egyptian goddess of beauty and the heavens.

Brown:  To improve powers of concentration and protection.  Sacred color of Parvati, Hindu goddess of the mountains.

This is my current massage room having come full circle back to Darien.

Take the time to come home to yourself everyday. xo