Sunday, January 3, 2010

good times

We visited our lovely friends in Delavan, Wisconsin and this picture captures their essence.  What a delight to be with Janet and Sarah.  They never cease to entertain us with their natural sense of humor and fun-loving attitude.  They are down-to-earth and we embrace their love and always leave with pieces of them in the form of whatever creations they recently made or plant samplings for us to nurture back home.  We could spend hours just shooting the breeze and usually do.  No shortage of conversation with these gals.  Ever.  This time we went to one of our favorite family restaurants and then to Millie's which offers old fashioned breakfasts and lunch in an assortment of colonial style rooms and a few quaint gift shops on their premises.  These shops carry unique items that once purchased will always remind us of our time together.  They basically live on a farm with 80 acres of land with two barns, one for Vance (his man cave) and the other is home to geese, bunnies, chickens, roosters and pigs.  Their ducks cannot fly for they are too fat.  I never heard of that.  See what I mean about them. 

Mike thinks I am turning Japanese for I am forever taking pictures of everything nowadays.  He is right for I am capturing all the moments that bring me joy so I can revisit them with a photo.  I am finding time to stop and smell the roses but it's very hard to do in -3 degree weather.  Wayne is always updating me on how cold it is which enhances the chill.  He shuts up when I mention we should live out West.  Then he turns on the fireplace so we visually stay warm.  Smart guy.  It won't be long and we'll take another trip up North and see how Janet's garden grows and continue with our own.  My aunt and uncle have a spectacular garden as well so we are all set with happy places to visit.  I know I should live in the moment but hurry up April.  We do have Punta Cana to look forward to in June.  I'll keep looking at the brochure and pretend I am basking in the hot sun among the Caribbean breezes while sipping some sort of libation until it becomes my reality.  For now... stay warm and be happy. xo