Tuesday, January 5, 2010

conquer your world

Here he is, getting ready for the new gig. It has been a long time since he wore a shirt and tie - one of my favorite things to shop for.  I had fun going to Bachrach's back in the day and matching ties to shirts and the customers would always ask my opinion - they must have seen how much I enjoyed doing it.  I provided this same service for Mike when he secured his new job last year and now I get to do it again.  Yahoo.  I am not a big fan of suits but I believe men feel more confident and successful when they dress up.  They present a certain air about them that says they care about their appearance and inspire those around them to do the same.  Of course my favorite look on a guy is jeans, a white tee and bare feet, but we're talking the other side of a guy.  If you have to work, which most of us do until we win the lottery or retire, feel good about yourself.  It's hard enough to go through the daily grind of routine so do it in style. 

Wayne-O never refers to me by my given name and my new nickname is 'woman.'  I so loved the part in Kate and Leopold when he is on his horse (knight in shining armor) and demands "woman take my hand."  So caveman.  Fantasy here.  Some of my past names were Miss Ann (taken from a Johnny Winters song), Cookie, Blanche, Zeb and The Butt.  I won't even explain that one. 

I spent the first day with everyone out of the house cleaning all the clutter and trimming all my houseplants.  The indoor decorations are tucked away but we keep our trees up until the Epiphany.  I replaced my old chipped basic white everyday dishes with some festive arrangements. I figure I could use something special as I spend most of my time serving meals, when I am not clicking and driving everywhere. 

Off he goes, my handsome Shuka.  Have fun and don't miss me too much.

At least I still have my slugs to keep me company.  xo