Saturday, November 28, 2009

peace & harmony


Here are two that are so close
They always stay in tune;
How could we have the shining sun
Without the silvery moon?

The only way that you'll find Peace
Is finding Harmony,
And when you find the two of them
They both will set you free.

Just sit there still with Harmony
And close your eyes with Peace,
And soon you'll feel an inner strength
From a source that will not cease.

It's when there's Peace and Harmony
That all of us can grow;
Beyond those of our wildest dreams,
Beyond yet what we know.

Side by side and on through time
go Peace and Harmony,
And trust me when you find the one
There will the other be.

Have you heard an angel pray,
Perhaps for love and grace?
What would an angel have to say
In such a heavenly place?

Thanks to N. A. Noel & John Wm. Sisson for sharing your angels