Thursday, November 12, 2009


Socrates, the great philosopher, proclaimed "procreation is the secret to immortality." If this is a truth, the legacy of Bob and Virg is secure. Bob had 8 great aunts and uncles and Virg had 8 great aunts and uncles. Bob and Virg had 8 kids together. 8 is a very prosperous number in many cultures. They boast 17 grandchildren (1 & 7 = 8) and their love continues through their children and again in their children's children. I chose this picture since it was the only moment I have depicting all the grandkids in a happy setting where everyone was singing, dancing, eating, enjoying togetherness in celebration. Kathy's wedding was a time when everyone was still alive and kickin'. It holds a very special place in my heart. Nothing is constant but change, and today many family members are estranged, so these memories will be cherished forever.

Jessica, Kathryn, Joseph born to Ted and Susan Sulkowski
Michael, Daniel, Steven born to Wayne and Roberta Wind
Melissa, Jason, Robert born to John and Carrie Mielzynski
Nicole born to Karen and Dave Muchowicz, raised by Jim Payne
Kevin, Matthew, Amy, Jillian born to Frank and Marilyn Benes
Jackie, Vickie, Ginny born to Jim and Juliana Wilkin
Gabriel (and deceased) to Ralph Mielzynski

Wally is the ultimate Uncle offering his love to all the nieces and nephews.

It seems each generation pursues the hope that it will improve on the last one. This was always my goal - to make the life for my sons a little better than mine and continue with their own children. My wish for all the children is that your lives are filled with love, peace, compassion and most of all, forgiveness for any heartaches you had to endure because of our mistakes.

It's your world now... xo