Monday, November 23, 2009

lastone massage

LaStone therapy is the application of thermotherapy, using deep penetrating heated stones and alternating with extremely cold stones. Using different temperatures, whether hot or cold, on the body to bring about a certain reaction has been done for eons. Adjusting temperatures in bodywork to aid clients in healing has always been beneficial. This allows people to reconnect to the inner strength of Mother Earth.

Remember what it was like as a child when you would lay upon the earth and feel as though nothing was wrong in your life? People are searching for that sense of well being. We have forgotten where to find it.

In this fast paced society that we live in, we rarely take time to go out doors and lie in the belly of our mother, not realizing that we need the connection to Mother Earth. That is why LaStone therapy is so popular. The energies of the stones remind us of our connection to Mother Earth, allowing us to feel cradled and protected. Two types of stones are used.

Basalt is modified igneous rock that is formed by volcanic and sedimentary action. Basalt is the most abundant of the volcanic rocks and is made up of polycrystalline olivine, an iron-magnesium silicate. The olivine basalt is a fine-grained, black stone that is very dense and forms fine crystalline masses. Stones are formed downwind of a volcano and have cooled slowly, changed their composition as metamorphosis has taken place, and crystallized again and again, causing their great density. Then they have been broken and eroded by steam or water activity. The stones then washed along a river bottom and were given their smooth potato-like shape and size. This is why the black basalt stones stay hotter longer than any of the other colors Mother Earth has to offer.

Marble is metamorphic rock that at one time was nothing more than the muck at the bottom of oceans when the oceans of the world were not where they are today. The existence of the marble stones is a product of some very special circumstance in the rock cycle that began long ago and continues to occur. In the salt waters of the earth, limestone is constantly being formed in the collecting sediments on the seafloor. Limestone is the most common sedimentary rock on earth. Calcium Carbonate is the main component of limestone. As they eroded marble became accessible to our rivers that take the pieces of marble and tumble them into round, smooth stones.

Trails of heat are flowing deep with my body, flowing upward from my feet, through my legs and swirling all over my back, lingering just long enough to melt the tension from each muscle. As the stones give up their heat, I find them resting in the palms of my hands, and I sink into the table, grounded in Mother Earth.

More hot stones now travel up the same paths as before, staying a little longer, their heat penetrating a little deeper, working out a few stubborn trigger points. Again, these stones find their way to my palms, replacing those that have now cooled.

Once again, fresh stones radiant with heat chase the last bits of tension from my muscles, like beaming sunrays melting their way through chucks of ice. I have been bathed in heat.

Turning over is an effort. Now I feel these hot stones resting on my front chakras, opening and softening each one. Another caresses the back of my neck. These stones have become a part of me. As the massage continues, I dissolve into Dreamtime, a world of fantastic colors and visions, allowing Mother Earth to heal me in body, mind and spirit, knowing I am one with all things, and that this is good.

As the cooling stones are lifted from each chakra, I feel a lifting of my spirit as well. I let go of the burdens I have been carrying. I feel light, buoyant, balanced, centered and cradled. I am whole.

As humans we are drawn to hold Mother Earth next to us. While we were children we longed to get outside everyday and play in the dirt and grass. We would lie on her body and feel the coolness of the grass, the warmth of the sand on a sunny beach, we even loved to walk in her waters or have rain fall on our faces. Children understand the need to be connected to Mother Earth and Father Sky. They seek them out daily, laughing and playing as though they had their best friend right beside them.

As a child you probably collected stones everywhere you went, most of us did or still do. We would see the beauty in a stone and want to hold the mystery of its energy near us, so in our pocket the stone would go. Once home you would add it to the pile of stones from days past and for a brief moment be able to recapture the heightened feelings of those other days of pure joy and excitement. What has happened to those stones we collected as a child?

Everywhere there is evidence of people needing to draw Mother Earth and Father Sky to them: we have pets in our homes, we plant flowers, and we grow foods to eat. People carry and use stones for healing powers. We have paintings of the sky and the sun within our homes. We love to sit and watch the sun rise or set. It gives you the strength to conquer physical problems and to overcome obstacles in your life.

I invite you to take a moment each day and go outside and breathe the strength of Mother Earth and Father Sky into your body. Become one with the energy of the Universe, giving thanks for what the day is about to offer you. Spread bird seed for the winged animals, feed the trees that shade your dwelling place, recognize these gifts, to see and feel the healing powers that are laid before us to use.
Happy healing! xo