Sunday, November 29, 2009



Everyday with Humility
We always make our way,
She gives us the ability
To humble what we say.

We always seek her tender eyes
When cast in our direction,
We're humbled as we realize
The depth of her affection.

Humility sits there with grace
She waits upon the faithful,
And humbly she sets a place
For even those ungrateful.

Humility with charity
An honored way to give,
A gift from your sincerity
That helps another live.

Humility in all we do
Though through this life we stumble,
In every age they always knew
That God rewards the humble.

And flowers in the early spring
On hill or forest lawn,
What would a heavenly angel sing
To greet them every dawn?

thanks to N. W. Noel and John Wm. Sisson xo