Monday, November 30, 2009



Do you believe in Miracles?
Well all the angels do,
If you knew our friend Miracle
Then you'd believe them too.

The miracles that she performs
Delight us through the ages,
From magic to the unicorns
To wisdom from the sages.

The Miracle of faith is one,
Friendship is another,
The Golden Rule, the golden sun,
A baby with its Mother.

Why Miracles are everywhere,
They're in a child's eyes,
A tree, a leaf beyond compare,
The colors in the skies.

The Miracle of planet earth
We're told by all our teachers,
Is way beyond a scale of worth
When weighing all God's creatures.

The greatest gift they say of all
through laughter, joy and strife,
All God's angels simply call,
The Miracle of life.

Or maybe on a mountain top
Or in a valley wide,
Or any place that makes you stop
Where angels play and hide.

thanks to N. A. Noel and John Wm. Sisson for inspiration xo