Tuesday, November 17, 2009

express yourself

Comments from readers of my bloggs:

Love the blog and pics ~ love you!

That was awesome...

Such a beautiful story.  Loved the photos and your writing is tops!  You have such a wonderful talent and beautiful soul...

I read all 4 and have to say WOW so nice to read.  I love the way you write.

Love your blog!  the two of you still look as fantastic now as back then.  Lots of great memories, the picture on the wall, the front door, and the beautiful smiles.  How about that long hair ~ I forgot about all that.  Love it...TFS.

Oh, Rob, I read your blog and admire the person you have become.  Keep writing.  You touch many souls!  I was thinking of you and your entire family on Thanksgiving.  Hoping you all were doing well.  My prayers are with you all.  Love you all.

What a beautiful and touching story of your family.. The trials and tribulations that made you stronger, and such a remarkable person. Your inner beauty just shines Rob..you seem to have turned everything into a blessing for you and your family.
A true story of life, love and commitment that most of our generation has witnessed. You write from the experience of an old soul who has done this many times.
This touched my heart and soul - hug

This is the first blog I've read...what a good one!  You are a talented writer, Rob, and I'm so happy you're enjoying life.  Have a wonderful holiday and know that I think of you often.  Much love...

I reviewed your blog and you did an awesome job.  You portrayed things truthfully and respectfully. I feel so bad about your mom; I really loved her.

The good life is there for all of us, Rob; it's in you, too, I can tell by your writings.  We just have to make it happen.

Very nicely put! Beautiful picture of your mother - she was such a sweet lady the times I've met her.. now there is no more pain and suffering in her world! God Bless. xoxoxoxo

I agree - she was a beautiful Sweet Lady and her pain and suffering is over. Her and Bob created a beautiful family together..

Went to your site, so very nice and beautiful... like you

Love the testimonial to your Mom and Dad, she would have loved it

I thought it was really great, too, Robbie. What a fantastic thing to do.

Love your testimonial to your family Rob its BEAUTIFUL. You are very lucky to be part of a big family.

Sweet Helen very nice, Wayne O has her sweet manner. George I didn't know

Rob, I may not leave a comment on each blog, because most often I'm sipping coffee with 2 hands - I just want you to know that I'm reading all of them and they touch my heart or leave me smiling and/or amazed. I honestly enjoy them... extraordinary job :)

Wow this is so cool. Thanks 4 sharing some very special memories. The pictures look familiar. LOL
I love it Robbie to ME your tribute is beautiful. I am looking at the beauty of it and nothing more. I am not looking to pick it apart. And analyze it. I knew your Mom very well we had been best friends for over 40 years and shared many stories.. Laughing. Crying you know the whole thing best friends do. Even more because we were Sisters. Of course we shared with each other stories we would not share with any one else. We spent many hours on the phone over those 40 years. We had for years been on vacations together partied every Friday night for 20 years together. Worked together. It is good to share how the depression disease can effect so many lives and hopefully people can learn from it and go for help and if they know of some one suffering from depression help them to get on medication for a year. I am able to control it some people are not without help. You and the Family did not let her down, the disease let her down. she did not take her medication like she was supposed to and the disease took over. We love you Rob and we love everyone connected with this amazing family they know who they are when they read this - all 31 of you. Yes this is an amazing family who has had many ups and downs like all families doe and it just makes you stronger. Love from ME Keep the Faith (Love N Hugs) Have a great day and I know you will because you are a survivor

You have a phenomenal talent and mind and you live it!

AHH cool words. Memories of the past they are never to be forgotten. I just made that up. HMM did I quote someone else? Who cares -LOL - the sun is shining and I am happy.

OMG I cried thru this whole story to me it is beautiful and I love it! thanks for sharing. UB read everything also and thinks its beautiful as well. Chicken soup for the soul.

Wow and look if you did not go through this you would not be able to tell, you might not have had your sisters and brothers or Wayne and your sons. We all walk a life we sometimes do not want or think I wish I was someone else, but in the long run it made you stronger and it makes you look at life as a wonderful woman and and a wonderful wife and Mom and sister to your sisters and brothers.

Beautiful job, Rob!! nicely expressed. I can almost feel what you are saying. Your Mom would have been proud of all this. Look what a beautiful family Virg and Bob made. They must have done something right two very highly emotional people who loved their family. And so much fun to be around. We are glad to have been a little part of all those wonderful memories.

Oh wow that is so nice to read about them that way and yes I remember the fun times with the music and laughter in the house when your Mom and Dad came over lots of good times - you join in singing and the laughter was always there

I love it so cute and so true it brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing some wonderful memories.

One of my favorite things to do at night is look up at the sky. When we lived in Chicago there were so many lights in the alley and front you couldn't see the stars in the sky.
I like keeping the child inside of me alive and that keeps hope alive as well. Your blogs are truly outstanding, Rob.
So inspiring and beautiful.
A very nice perk.

Hey sister, love the blog.. and love you too! cheers xox

Amen to that sister!!

Congratulations Steve..
I can tell Steve some stories but I am sure he has heard plenty... Good for you Steve..

Congratulations to Steve and you! I know he is doing a wonderful job and it's not easy but you and Wayne seem to be doing a fantastic job of supporting him. Oh and thanks for talking about Sookie Stackhouse series.. After reading about it from you on facebook I started to read the books and I LOVE them.



So lovely..

Hi Rob, I found this link that I get - check it out.. I am going to buy one and try it also.

Dancing at Willow Brook sounds like great times.. My sister and I did the line dancing there with friends! Fun times for us as well - love those cowboy boots. LOL

OMG it brought tears to my eyes to see that picture of Helen, she was such a sweet Lady and I know she was a bigger than life part of your family. She was your Angel! thanks for sharing her picture.. Love Me..

I am going to print this and hang it up


Sounds like a fun tradition watching spooky movies a few weeks before to help get into the spirit of the moment. LOL. Not Me! I am chicken! I like living in a fantasy world that everything is beautiful.

Hi Rob - I was reading your blog on chakras (very good) and wanted to ask if you would be interested in visiting/speaking to our massage class. I'd have to clear it was the director of the school..It's the New School for Massage and Bodyworks. It's located on Chicago Avenue and Wells. It would be great for your to talk to us. We have a small class of 8 students, All of which would love to hear you. I know you mentioned that teaching may be another step for you.

My anatomy instructor teaches us on Wednesdays and she gave me a couple dates that would work for her. Thanks for giving it some thought.