Saturday, November 21, 2009

my linda rose

If I stay here with you love, things just couldn't be the same, cuz I must be travelling on now and this bird you cannot change. I'm as free as a bird love..I'm going to fly like a freebird, yeah..

Been thinking of you my friend, you would have had another birthday this month - a toast to you! How about all those toasts after goddess nights? Good times, girlfriend. I was lucky when you found me (via Andrea) and gave manicures/pedicures to our clients at The Goddess Touch and you eventually became the manager.

Our trip to New York City honoring the fallen from 911 is on the top 10 of favorite memories. We were Sex in the City girls, only our version. Dawn, Linda, Andrea and Rob. I slept 12 hours in 4 days just so I could capture everything in the little time we had. The churches and Ground Zero where the Twin Towers stood just a year prior was eerie yet beautifully honored by all the visitors. Phantom of the Opera, Menopause Musical, delis, Times Square, The W lounge, brunch at the Waldorf Astoria, where we stayed. Who pays $90 apiece for Sunday Brunch here? We did. We got all gussied up and painted the town red. Shopping, shopping, shopping, browsing, browsing and shopping again at Macy's and all the little souvenir stores. I was adamant on visiting Central Park and the Dakota where Lennon was shot. Our Long Island Iced Tea toast at Tavern on the Green concluded our adventure. Seeing The Lady and Ellis Island was remarkable - I never knew how beautiful she is. Every morning I would get up early to surprise my ladies with coffee lattes loaded with whipped cream. I spoiled you. Remember they were filming Catch Me If You Can right outside our hotel? How about the Chinese delegation swarming at night and when someone sneezed and I said God Bless You - we thought I would get beheaded by the delegates in our elevator. Ha!

We gobbled the Mexican luncheon so we would make our flight and the stranger we shared the bottle of wine with is probably still talking about us to her hubby. Remember when we thought we would see so many celebrities while dancing at the lounge? Not a one - so we made our own party on the dance floor - with each other and soon more and more women joined us bumpin' and grindin' and how about Dawn teaching us how to belly dance - we sure put on a show and laughed our a**es off.

Remember when you were upset about Billy's graduation so I literally put you in my car and we stayed in Delavan the weekend and went to dinner at the Victorian restaurant and we cracked up because people thought we were gay? Nothing like a little get away to take the blues away. Remember dancing at Circuit, the lounge on Belmont? One Saturday you insisted we meet at La Mex after I worked - promptly at 1:15 we sat at the entrance bar with our margaritas and 5 hours later Wayne came to retrieve us from our happy hour(s). Remember he came at 4 and we were not done so he came back? We had no shortage of conversation, dear friend.

I miss you. We shared so many memories at the spa and you were a huge part of its success. I miss driving around in Hinsdale and you showing me where all the celebrities and hot shots live. I miss giving you foot massages during your chemo treatments. I miss your insight when we shared our stories about sibling trials and tribulations. We laughed and we cried and never judged, we accepted each other for who we were. Like that song by Train : your best friend stickin' up for you - even when you know you're wrong. That was us, babe. You are in my heart, forever. We made lots of people happy and pampered them to bits. Service to humanity was our true spirituality. You are my angel now just as you were on earth. Diandra told me about the basket of flowers - thanks - I really needed them, but you already knew that... I am listening to Dido and Sarah for us. BFF xo