Monday, May 3, 2010

'tis the season

I just love, love, love spring planting. It is a tremendous amount of work and takes its toll on the body, but digging in dirt just brings out the best in me.  I enjoy connecting with Mother Earth and placing the flowers, bushes and seedlings in her belly so she can nurture them and help them blossom for our pleasure. 

Steve had a wonderful prom weekend, dancing the night away, catching up with his high school buddies and touring Chicago all day Saturday.  He refused to wear the classic formal attire, but he had tons of fun just being Boo.  Dan is thrilled to be working with his bro Cody and Mike and Margarita had some meaningful bonding time with us. We are starting to see our boys less and less so any time together is relished. Mike and Wayne rototilled and installed 25 pieces of sod at the home on Sawyer while I painstakingly dug up all the dandelions in the grass.  I will never cut corners again and cancel Spring Green service for the lawn; it goes to hell in a hand basket way too quickly without proper fertilizing.  What was I thinking?  Needless to say, the service is re-activated immediately.  I dug up some perennials from our home to plant in that garden and thanks to the rains yesterday, they came up quite easily.  I'll spend all day Tuesday watering the sod, while Steve's at school, and plant the flowers and adhere mulch to keep the weeds down. 
We had a nice Sunday breakfast at Egg Harbor Cafe on Sunday morning, then Margarita and I went to the magic land of Hidden Gardens.  They have the most magnificent layout for perusing arrangements and their trees are unique, indeed.  I worried about losing some of ours, but now I know they can be replaced with ease.  She picked out some fabulously colorful flowers for their deck pots and I treated myself to the above hanging basket.  It is so dynamic to look up in the tents and see this vast amount of flowers hanging from above.  It gets overwhelming.  We left satisfied, but she fell in love with the trumpet mandevilla and went to get one for their place.  We checked out the Porsche dealer and watched the boys drool.  Afterward we continued the gardening projects at home and look forward to some rain this week so the newly planted sod takes root.
please don't be offended by this depiction of how bold they are, it's all in fun

I think the best part of this season is being outdoors after being cooped up.  The birds entertain us as do all the other creatures that come out to play.  I always catch the squirrels hogging the birdfeed.  Every night for a month now I wake up at the bewitching hour and hear activity in our bedroom wall.  We thought it might be the squirrel and found an opening on the roof.  After sealing if off, I still heard the sounds and finally woke Wayne up.  He thinks they are mice.  We can fix that, but then I suggested it might be Freddy Kruger...

Thanks to everyone who shared their memories on facebook this weekend.  xo