Tuesday, May 4, 2010

money and good luck

A spell to bring in money.

This is a spell to open channels to bring money in from any sources, both expected and unexpected.  As accessories for this spell, you will need six small coins, which afterwards will be buried or hidden at the four corners of your property.  If you wish to use other accessories, decorate the area with silver coins and candles, flowers, crystals and gemstones and cloth, in shades or combinations of shades of gold for attraction and wealth, and green for money, growth and prosperity.
When ready, meditate on the thought that you have the power to shape the image of what you want - money and prosperity - and send it off into the living universe.  Positively affirm your wishes, and your desires are turned into reality.  Imagine yourself being notified of a windfall.  Try to feel that state of elation that you would experience. Envision money coming in to you from many sources, sources that you may expect, and sources that come as a surprise.  Continue to visualize money coming in.  Picture yourself handling lots of money, flipping through stacks of paper money, running your hands through piles of coins.  Contemplate on the ways you would like to spend your money; visualize yourself spreading your money around.  Imagine the sensation of having your family and your friends share in your prosperity and comfort.  After you have finished meditating and visualizing, take up the six coins that have been set aside for this purpose and warm them in your hands as you carefully, and with as much feeling as you can, recite the following affirmation:

As I work this spell
these magical images take life.
I call for money
and money comes to me.
Channels of money and abundance
are open to me,
and money comes from many sources.
Money is good for me,
and I do good things with my money.
My money increases.
I thank the universe
for the good it sends me.
So it is, and so shall it be.

You may consider the spell closed at this point.  Now bury one coin at each corner at your property.

A spell to attract good luck.

This spell helps to set things up around you.  It adjusts the flow of events so that things start happening in your favor, and the world begins being a better place for you to live.  In doing this spell, you give a beneficient push to circumstance.  For this spell, you may select some special object, which can be charged with power in the course of the spell, to be used as a good-luck charm.  It is not actually necessary to select a good-luck charm; the performing of the spell itself will bring you lasting luck.  Think of the charm as a nice extra, however, you do not have to feel dependent on it. Your luck will not be affected if you lose the charm or do not have it always near you.  You may choose a traditional good luck symbol, such as a horseshoe, rabbit's foot, four-leaf clover, etc., or you may prefer some personal object such as a piece of jewelry, or any other object that has a good feel to you.  If you wish to use accessories to this spell, use candles, flowers, precious metals, crystals, gemstones in tones of gold and silver. Gold symbolizes wealth and expansiveness and silver stands for a purity of understanding and of being at harmony with all... so that all is in harmony with you!  The combination of gold and silver also show both the solar and lunar forces of nature working in your favor.

Visualize that you are floating in a sea of shining stars.  Their light shines through you and their power magnetizes you so that all the good forces of the world are gathered about you and clothe you in the brilliant raiment of success and good fortune.  The power called down from the stars themselves courses through your spirit and soul.  Close your eyes for a few moments and feel, as clearly as you can, just how this would feel.  Savor the sensation.  You are the natural nexus-point for all of the forces that are called forth, and you are going to be the one who benefits.  Close your eyes again for a few minutes and picture yourself at the whirling center of vast tides of glowing, beautiful light. They course over you, and through you, and swirl about you.  You become stronger and better and... just plain lucky!  Image as clear as you can that you are the center and the balance-point of all forces and events of humankind, of the sky, and of the earth.  The elemental earth herself is drawing in the vast powers of light you have called forth, and pulsing them back through you.  Again, YOU are the center of it all, and benefiting enormously by it.  Close your eyes for a moment and feel the sensation of the good powers that go through your being into the earth, and back through you again.

At this point, you can greatly enhance the power of this spell if you emulate the earth world by doing your own interpretive dance-of-life.  If your space is too restrictive or you feel uncomfortable about dancing, just make wavy motions over your area with your hands.  Imagine that you are using your hands to manipulate cosmic energies and weave the threads of a good fate.  If you have selected some object that you would like to have for a good-luck charm, direct your attention to the object at this time.  Rub the object between your hands and feel energy surging through your body and flowing out through your hands, imbuing the object with power.  When you feel that you have expended enough energy on the above-mentioned actions, recite the following affirmation:

I draw power from the stars
And send them, through me, into the Earth,
then back through myself once again.
Fortune and luck are with me,
surrounding all that I do
and following me everywhere.

All who are about me prosper
As do I.
And I become better, stronger, and more lucky
than ever before.
By all the high and mystical powers
through whom Fortune shines,
So shall it be!

You may consider the spell closed at this point.

Win big! Cha-ching...xo