Wednesday, May 5, 2010

cinco de mayo

Happy Cinco de mayo, the fifth of May! This is a celebration by the Hispanics and an excuse to down lots of tequila for some.  Not me.  Today I continued my planting extravaganza at home and tomorrow go back to Brighton Park to finish that garden.  It's a good thing I love this stuff.  I'm exhausted.  I should buy stock in Home Depot.  I have been polishing up on my Spanish as this is the language they speak in the Dominican Republic.  I took three years to learn it, I may as well use it.  I tell my dogs they are mi perro bonita, muy bien, my pretty dog, very good. I answer the phone hola, hello, when the boys call.  See what happens when you retire... This is a charcoal that Steve did in art class.  He brought it home today, so it is my photo for the day.
Today I made meatball sandwiches for the boys.  Once I brought one for Steve Dahl and he exclaimed it was the "best damn meatball sandwich he ever had."  He may have used a more colorful adjective, but you get the idea.  Here's the recipe:  easy peasy...

3 lbs. ground sirloin
2 eggs
bread crumbs
1 pkg. chili mix
salt and pepper
2 jars spaghetti sauce
gonnella bread
provolone cheese

Combine the meat, eggs, chili mix, salt and pepper to taste and try to use fresh bread crumbs leftover bread, ends, anything they won't use for a sandwich.  Roll into little meat balls (albondigas) and saute in olive oil until browned.  Dump your spaghetti sauce in the crock pot and put on low.  When the meat is ready, add to the sauce and cook a little bit.  Scoop the balls with a little sauce onto the bread, apply the cheese and broil for a moment.  I add a little giardeniara. 
Voila! xo