Monday, May 17, 2010

congrats angeline

Wayne's cousin Ed (Bonyok) and Dianne hosted a lovely graduation party for their daughter, Angeline.
She graduated from St. Xavier's College in a mere three years.  Now she will pursue her Masters degree.  Good for her.  She is one bright gal and full of determination and intelligence. 
Angie's sister, Natalie, just had to show Steve how strong she is...
Typical garage party - we love to gather and catch up with good old friends (by old I mean for a long time: decades.)
The best place to be at their house is on this swing Ed made.  I was on the other side taking the pictures and  it is so relaxing under this beautiful maple tree.  He is really a creative carpenter. 

To all the 2010 graduates.  Cheers to you.  May all your dreams come true! xo