Saturday, March 20, 2010

spring fever

Today it is official: our long awaited season has arrived and Mother Nature decides to tease us with another dusting of snow.  That's okay.  She brought us pretty weather all week and more to come soon enough.  I often think about the expressions spring break,  spring is for lovers, and spring fever.  It must be due to vibrations that surround us that encourage renewal and hope, whether it be a break from studies, the cold, blossoming relationships as people tend to be more open to new beginnings psychologically as well as feel the need to break from the hybernation and nesting that winter promotes.  We open our hearts in anticipation of new things and it can be dramatic, therefore the fever.  Just wondering.
My son received an award for most improved in a semester while he was still in high school.  It is only awarded to seven students and I perceive it as a documentation and tribute to his dedication to self-improve.  This is a nice reminder that with love and encouragement, anything is possible.  Forge ahead (spring forward) and great things happen in our life.  Thanks DGS, for acknowledging Stevie.

Praise and an attitude of gratitude are unbeatable stimulators...we increase whatever we extol.

It is through powerful wanting, and then choosing with strong emotions and deliberate thoughts that will propel what you desire into your life experience.

take it from tigger...boink boink xo