Sunday, March 7, 2010

signs of spring

SOX slaughtered the Cubs yesterday, 15 - 3.  It was lovely to watch baseball on TV again.  Quentin set the tone right from the beginning and they never looked back.  Way to go, boys,  but let's save it for the season, when it counts. I watched most of the game, but it has a tremendously soothing affect on me and usually lulls me to nap, so I kept it on and made myself useful by completing Dan's FAFSA application.  Anyone who ever did this knows it is very long and detailed so I am quite relieved to accomplish same.  I need most information from our tax form and our accountant finished it just in time.  Thanks, Steve!
Tonight we watch the Oscars.  This is my least favorite awards show for those voting are not the average viewers but rather people who have connections in the industry, so their methods of choosing the winners don't necessary reflect what the general public thinks.  I do like picking my favorites just like everyone else and watching all the glam on the red carpet.  It's a traditional conversation piece and my cue that spring will arrive shortly.  I'm rooting for Jeff Bridges in Crazy Horse, Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side and Kathryn Bigelow for her contributions in The Hurt Locker. This movie really captured my attention and brought out many honorable feelings for our soldiers. I have a dear friend who is serving our country and he relays his realities quite often. He reminded me of one of the actors and my heart grew twice its size for him and his fellow soldiers.  I have a feeling Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds will be honored, for it was loaded with entertainment.  Brad Pitt really did a great job, but the Jew Hunter stole the show. Avatar is an epic masterpiece and James Cameron will surely win something for his creation.  Clooney and Streep are always fun to watch and their talent should be appreciated, but they are the type who just love acting and don't need an award for doing what they love. That makes them tops in my book.  I viewed the audition trailer featuring Gabourey Sidibe in Precious and she is fantastic but after reading the book, but not seeing the movie, I still have a hard time with this storyline.  Mo'Nique's role as Precious' mother just plain irks me. Same for Stanley Tucci in The Lovely Bones.  Acting is acting.  We shall see this evening how they are rewarded for their talents.
This week I spent most of my time running errands for my boys, especially Mike.  He is remodeling his condo with a huge project of replacing the fairly new carpet with wood floors.  He and his buddy, Anthony, have been frantically working all week and I must say, it is beautiful.  Two bedrooms and a huge closet grace the new flooring.  He painted both bedroooms and finished his hallway all last week, mostly evenings after work.  We shopped for a new washer and dryer at ABT but after precise measurements, he realized the set he purchased would not fit through the doorway so he will table those appliances until he finishes remodeling and tiling the bathrooms.  We bought him a new grill for outside and he already cooks on it.  It is so cute to see Mike and Margarita planning their remodeling venture when they come over.  They are so excited and work well together. Anthony is amazing with his creative talents and it shows in his work.  He has done many projects for us between our house and especially the one on Sawyer. 
 Wayne spent his spare time at home repairing various computers for two of our friends due to virus damage.  Note to clickers everywhere: just as cars need timely oil changes to preserve their productivity, computers need antivirus and backup security.  If you are a Comcast customer, they offer free Norton Security Suite which covers both features.  It is integral for maintaining proper function without damages and loss of data.   After this busy week, we found notes all over the house and on my car saying you are appreciated.  Steve probably knew of our efforts and wanted us to know they did not go unnoticed.  Mike and Dan left text messages with their gratitude. It's these little touches that make it all worthwhile.  Thanks, sweeties.  
Meteorologically we have entered the spring season.  The warmer, sunny days have forced the snow to melt dramatically.  How wonderful it is to finally see green grass again.  The air has a lighter feel to it and the birds chirp a little sweeter. The downside is we have to pick up all the poo in the back.  Wayne attempts to collect the nuggets during the season, but with so much snow it was impossible until now.  I already notice people are more friendly and spend time outside more often.  I always say Midwesterners appreciate the seasons more than anyone, for we endure so many changes.  Nothing is constant but change and we live it via our weather.

Prayer:  For the glory of all the gifts of creation and for all creatures great and small, may I give you praise and thanks, great God.  I give thanks in all I say and do, remembering that every good gift, talent and treasure in my life comes from you.  For the light shining in the eyes of my spouse and children, for smiles and hugs and the love of family and friends (through whom you praise me abundantly), I thank you, God.  Amen.

and the award goes to.... xo