Tuesday, March 30, 2010

chasing robins

Today we chased robins all over Morton's Arboretum in Lisle.  We hiked for two hours through the East Side of this splendid arena of natural resources but found nothing blooming yet.  It is bare naked.  Next time we'll visit when things are bursting with blooms and focus on the West side.  I tried to chase robins everywhere and captured a couple but they were on to me and flew as soon as I got close.  Stinkers.
Steve Tobin has a display of his tree sculptures throughout the grounds.  Very Beetlejuice.  All these daffodils are waiting to burst forth with their beauty - I bet they will be joyous next week after this string of warm weather. 
This robin posed just for me.  He saw how determined I was and said "what the heck, go for it" so I did.  My hiking boots led me through the area without fail.  I am determined to work on my lower muscle groups all week and this helped loads.  I have been busy trimming all the bushes down and de-leaving them which is a great workout for glutes and hamstrings.  Hard on the knees, though.  My legs were screaming yesterday but I kept on.  The pain reminded me how out of shape I am but I'll get there.  Tomorrow I continue at the health club with a trainer to focus on the upper extremities.  My arm is  terribly scratched up from pruning but I was on a mission.  Accomplished.   
I am grateful we have this facility so close to home.  It is just down the street from where Steve attends college and we finally visited.  Glad we did.  We'll be back.  Tomorrow we hit Brookfield Zoo. xo