Friday, March 12, 2010

take a breath

It is 5:00 in the evening and I have been cleaning my home since 7:00 this morning.  I just finished. Talk about a workout!  I was going to pursue my spring cleaning room by room, taking my time over a few weeks, but I fell in love with the weather and it inspired me to rid our dwelling of dust and dirt.  I could make a wig out of all the hair from our doggies.  Everything feels and smells so clean and fresh. 
Despite the fact it is supposed to rain all weekend, we will try to spruce things up outside a little bit.  Now that we can see our lovely lawn once again, it would be nice to open up the patio set and let them air out.  I'll probably just pitter around collecting dead branches here and there.  Our landscaper will swing by during the week to do the big tree trimming and replenish our border pebbles before our plentiful tulips make their appearance. Some are peaking through already.  The jonquils and daffodils are always the first to spring forth.  This teddy bear sunflower will grace our garden this summer.
Now that the domestic duties are complete, tomorrow we will get ready for our coveted trip to San Antonio in a few days.  We will do the grooming drill of eyebrows threaded, manicure, pedicure and hair trims.  It doesn't take long to pack and I already have the fridge stocked for Dan.  He will probably eat out anyway, but he does like to nibble at night, so he's all set.  I have to hide our luggage until the very end because the dogs know what that means.  They are genius.  I think we have a St. Patrick's Day party to attend sometime soon so we'll have to squeeze some fun in the schedule. 
I hope you have a happy weekend.  Enjoy the fresh, clean air and smile.  Then praise the Lord. 

Life is good. and I'm exhausted...xo