Friday, March 26, 2010

do what you love...

I love giving massage.  There is nothing more rewarding than making someone feel good and getting paid for it.  I love finding all the kinks and knots and releasing them so my client will feel better and function as they should.  I talk to the muscle groups to keep abreast of my anatomy and exchange my energy during a session.  Throughout my career, I have given over 7,000 massages and loved every single one.  I continue to give my services to a select few who opt to visit my home every now and then. Some have been coming to me since the inception of my business in 2000 and we have forged a huge bond together.  Friendships are cherished and appreciated.  While I miss some who chose not to continue with me, I hold them fondly in my heart and hope they continue to receive healing from another source. 

Today I will give a few massages and feel uplifted after these sessions.  It is in giving that we receive.  xo