Sunday, November 20, 2011

thanksgiving feast

Today we celebrate Helen and G's wedding reception at Gold Class Cinema where we will view Breaking Dawn.  What a unique way to party and toast the newlyweds. Clever idea ~ cannot wait!  I think the house is sufficiently decorated for the holidays as I went a little bow crazy with my new toy and made 30 bows for three rooms.  I better not even think about the upper level. Help!  Now I am preparing for my next project ~ the Thanksgiving feast.  We hope to share our meal and give thanks for our blessings with 20 family members and look forward to being together to begin the official holiday season with love and laughter.  This week alone Jay and Vanessa became engaged, Dan graduates DePaul and Steve turns 20.  Yikes!  I found this picture and chuckled as if this guy knew most of us like white meat.  Here is my menu for the extravaganza which includes dishes being brought by guests ~ I sincerely thank you all for doing so.
I am big on cranberries this year for some reason.  It must be the texture and the way the color enhances and sweetens the brown foods.

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu 

assorted crackers, chips and dips for appetizers

baked cranberry brie phyllo triangles

marshmallow coconut sweet potato balls

cranberry pecan pineapple salad mold

black and green olives/pepperocini

tossed spring greens salad

2 20 lb. brined birds

apple cranberry stuffing

green bean casserole

Carrie's heart attack potatoes

garlic mashed potatoes w/gravy
(of course)

Melissa's sweet squash  specialty

broccoli/cauliflower/carrots blend

polish sausage

hawaiian bread

Karen's surprise pie

John's delicacy desserts
This will not be a heart-healthy meal by any means and many new recipes are from Paula Deen's cookbook (she is the butter queen.)  Look out y'all :) fair warning:  wear loose and comfortable clothing so you can relax and enjoy the foodfest.  You can watch your calories on Black Friday. xo