Saturday, November 12, 2011

I did it!

I completed and submitted my requirements to maintain my national certification for massage therapy.  Every four years we must recertify our status as qualified therapists with 48 hours of continuing education and minimal hours of service.  I became certified in 2000.
These are the diplomas for classes taken to keep my status.  Sports Massage, Reflexology, Ethics, Colon, Survival and Aromatherapy.  I gave over a thousand massages since my last recertification to cover the necessary hours needed to keep myself legal.
Now I have peace of mind for another four years.  The initial exam to obtain this is brutal and I never want to retake it and let it relapse, hence, I keep up with the education classes.  And you thought giving massage was a piece of cake...LOL
This goddess can continue living, loving and laughing as in the past decade.  The power of determination! xo

Congratulations, Roberta T. Wind!

NCBTMB is pleased to inform you that your certification has been extended through: 06/30/16. Thank you for helping to advance the field of massage therapy and bodywork - and for your continued commitment to professionalism and ethical practice.

Your new certificate and recertification packet should arrive in the mail within the next few weeks.